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Junior Workshops

Junior Workshops - Year 5 and 6

Queensland Academies Creative Industries (QACI) is excited to announce their new Junior Workshops for students currently in Year 5 and Year 6 are open for bookings. 

Junior Workshops do not require any prior knowledge or experience. Designed using a cooperative approach these hands-on workshops provide opportunities for lateral, collaborative, and creative thinking in fun and engaging ways with our world-class educators.

The workshops will take place at QACI, 61 Musk Avenue Kelvin Grove on Tuesday 11 May, 4.30pm - 6pm and Wednesday 12 May 4.30pm - 6pm.

With 28 workshops on offer over two days, the $10.00 per workshop cost includes afternoon tea (fruit, popcorn and drink) for students from 3.30pm in the Level 4 Blue Goose Café. There is limited availability per workshop and bookings are essential.

Tickets are non-refundable. Please note, you can only attend 1 workshop per day.

Students should bring along pen, paper and water bottle. We request students wear free moving comfortable clothing with enclosed shoes and sleeves.

Booking your tickets

Our bookings and credit card payments are managed by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia's QKR! By Mastercard. Qkr! is a safe and secure mobile phone payment app designed for Australian schools.

To book your preferred workshop download QKR! via the App Store on your mobile phone or you can create an online account via the QKR! web browser

Search for our school by typing, in full, our school name 'Queensland Academies Creative Industries'.

You know you have the right Queensland Academies school when you see our school logo. This is our school logo!.

Create a parent and student profile, adding your payment details. When registering your student, please select "guest" for the Year Level and Connect Class.

Select your workshop and date. Please note, you can only attend one (1) workshop per day.

Once selected you will then have the option to confirm if you will require afternoon tea for your child. This will be served to students in the Blue Goose Cafè, Level 4 from 3.30pm – 4.15pm.  Registration will commence from 3.20pm on Level 2, where students will be directed to the Level 4 for supervision, afternoon tea and workshops.

Please note: Parents will collect and drop off students at Level 2. The only available building access for parents during the 3.30pm – 6pm workshop and afternoon tea time is Level 2.

Available workshops

All the World's a Stage 

(Theatre workshop)

All the World's a Stage is an invigorating and exciting workshop giving students the ability to experience Improvisation, Physical Theatre, Comedy and Character in a fun, welcoming and safe environment. Students will work with like-minded peers and unlock their inner stage character, exploring theatre with meaning.

Tuesday 11 May, 4.30pm - 6pm | Wednesday 12 May, 4.30pm – 6pm

Tickets $10 via QKR!

Artefact Adventure

(English - Creative Writing workshop)

With a feeling for adventure and a passion for the unknown, come along and unlock the ancient mysteries of the past, as you explore the hidden secrets of unknown artefacts through story-telling and creative writing.

Students need to bring along a pen & paper and their spirit of adventure to this workshop.

Tuesday 11 May, 4.30pm - 6pm | Wednesday 12 May, 4.30pm – 6pm

Tickets $10 via QKR!

Dance at the Art Gallery

(Dance and Movement workshop)

Do you like to explore different ways to express yourself?

In this vibrant, energetic workshop language is used as a stimulus to create movement. Ponder and compare perceptions as you observe images replicating an art gallery and discover the language you feel represents the image.

Wednesday 12 May, 4.30pm – 6pm

Tickets $10 via QKR!

Different Not Difficult

(Chinese Language and Culture Workshop)

This workshop is an interesting engaging workshop introducing the practice of calligraphy, paper-cutting, traditional Chinese musical instruments and Chinese characters. Students will have a basic understanding of the Chinese culture and acquire the skills for strokes, radicals and Chinese characters to arouse interest as they start to realise that as a language Chinese is Different Not Difficult!

Tuesday 11 May, 4.30pm - 6pm | Wednesday 12 May, 4.30pm – 6pm

Tickets $10 via QKR!

Hands on Business

(Tactile Business Workshop)

Hands on business is a fun and creative look into the world of business. Imagine uncovering information about fundamental business concepts through moulding and mixing. Intrigued? Learn about what being an entrepreneur and the world of business is really about.

Tuesday 11 May, 4.30pm - 6pm | Wednesday 12 May, 4.30pm – 6pm

Tickets $10 via QKR!

La Galette Qui Roule

(French Gestures and Movement Workshop)

La Galette Qui Roule (The Rolling Patty) is a lively, playful and energetic workshop discovering the expressive sounds of the French language. Collaborate with others using gestures and movement. Learn how to pronounce French words and discover how easy it is to learn a play in French.

Tuesday 11 May, 4.30pm - 6pm | Wednesday 12 May, 4.30pm – 6pm

Tickets $10 via QKR!

Little River Monsters

(Film Workshop)

Story-telling, through film is an exciting platform to raise public awareness and engage audiences of all ages to enact change. In this film workshop students will work in collaboration with each other to create a public awareness campaign for imaginary river threats. 

If students would like to take their creations home with them, please bring along a portable USB to save their work.

Tuesday 11 May, 4.30pm - 6pm | Wednesday 12 May, 4.30pm – 6pm

Tickets $10 via QKR!

Making Ideas a Reality

(Design Thinking Workshop)

Everyone loves a good idea. Even more so when these ideas can become a reality. Learning about the design cycle students will investigate the transformation design concepts and ideas into workable products.

Tuesday 11 May, 4.30pm - 6pm | Wednesday 12 May, 4.30pm – 6pm

Tickets $10 via QKR!

Marimba Masterpiece

(Music Workshop)

Are you a student who loves to play music? Are you curious to learn more about composing?

In the Marimba Masterpiece workshop, students will use marimbas and other percussion instruments to create an original composition. This session will extend their musical understanding through practical discovery and collaborative creativity.

Tuesday 11 May, 4.30pm - 6pm | Wednesday 12 May, 4.30pm – 6pm

Tickets $10 via QKR!

Neurosurgeons at Work

(Psychology Workshop)

Every day we use our brain to think. Have you ever wondered what happens to your behaviour when a part of the brain is damaged?! Taking a fun, hands-on, exploratory approach we'll be making brains out of various materials and investigating what each part of the brain actually does!

Tuesday 11 May, 4.30pm - 6pm | Wednesday 12 May, 4.30pm – 6pm

Tickets $10 via QKR!

No Me Gusta

(Spanish Gesture and Movement Workshop)

NO ME GUSTA (I don't like) is a lively, light-hearted workshop discovering the strong sounds of the Spanish language. Collaborate with others with the use of gestures and movement. Explore and entice your senses as we take you on a journey of discovery. Collaborate and challenge yourself - all the while - to understand and perform a story in Spanish on the topic of food.

Tuesday 11 May, 4.30pm - 6pm | Wednesday 12 May, 4.30pm – 6pm

Tickets $10 via QKR!

Outside the Lines

(Visual Arts Workshop)

Outside the Lines is a creative and exciting workshop giving students the opportunity to experience working as an artist using 2D media. Students will be encouraged to develop their creative thinking skills, using an intuitive and spontaneous approach to drawing. Students will construct mark-making tools to explore a range of mark-making techniques, line and texture to create a series of small works on paper.

Students will be provided aprons for this workshop, however they may end up marked!

Tuesday 11 May, 4.30pm - 6pm | Wednesday 12 May, 4.30pm – 6pm

Tickets $10 via QKR!

Platonic Solids

(Mathematics Workshop)

How many faces of a shape can you use to learn about the mathematical proof which confirms the theory of platonic solids? 

Students will create the platonic solids and learn about the mathematical proof which confirms how many are possible.

Wednesday 12 May, 4.30pm – 6pm

Tickets $10 via QKR!

Power, Politics, Persuasion

(Global Politics Workshop)

How do people and political leaders work with others to advocate for their country's interests? In this workshop, you will operate as a member of the Model United Nations to solve real-world issues and persuade others to take action to help your country.

Tuesday 11 May, 4.30pm - 6pm | Wednesday 12 May, 4.30pm – 6pm

Tickets $10 via QKR!

Unavailable to attend workshops on these dates?

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If you are currently in Year 9 register your interest for Workshops taking place during our Open Day on Saturday 29 May 2021.

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