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Open Day 2021

Saturday 29 May

Experience QACI first-hand at our Open Day on Saturday 29 May, 10:00am - 3:00pm. Come along and see our purpose-built facilities on a student-led campus tour, hear from our Principal and Alumni, meet our teachers, P&C community members and learn more about the world-class International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

Discovery Workshops for Students in Year 9

Students in Year 9 can participate in our cross-disciplinary Discovery Workshops which enable students to experience QACI and explore their potential across the International Baccalaureate curriculum. These workshops will be held across two sessions during our Open Day on Saturday 29 May, 10am – 12pm and 1pm – 3pm. The content is repeated and students can attend two (2) workshops during Open Day.

There are no knowledge or experience prerequisites that apply to Discovery Workshops. Designed using a cooperative approach that merges elements from different subjects these hands-on workshops provide opportunities for lateral, collaborative, and creative thinking in fun and engaging ways with our world-class educators.

Workshops are $10 per workshop and include lunch.

To book your preferred workshop download the QKR! with Masterpass App via your mobile phone App Store. 

Workshop bookings close Thursday 27 May, 9am. Strictly limited availability.

Atelier de theatre. Upon a French Stage

Curriculum Areas: Theatre, French

In this workshop students can expect to learn and use French language to inform theatrical story-telling. Students will be introduced to theatre making, featuring improvisation, expressive movement and composition tools. They will also experiment with voice featuring French prosody and pronunciation. There are no language pre-requisites for this workshop.

Creative process

Introduce -> Warm up -> tongue twisters -> composition -> physicalising ->reflection

On reflection students will have the opportunity to feedback on frames and use of language and how these elements create meaning.

 Tickets $10 via QKR!

B-Horror Monster Mash, The Essence of Film

Curriculum Areas: Film, English

During this workshop students will discover how to deconstruct visual texts and create a mini film trailer by mashing old trailers from the 1950s – 1960s drive-in movie era known as "B-Horror".

Students can expect to deconstruct movie trailers such as Jaws, Creatures from the Black Lagoon and It Came from Outer Space, to understand the codes conventions of the B-Horror genre.

Students will also produce a their own 40 – 60 second film.

Creative Process

Introduce -> discover -> decide -> create -> present -> reflect

At the completion of the workshop students will share their creations, receiving and providing feedback to celebrate their learning. Popcorn time!

 Tickets $10 via QKR!

Binary Number Systems

Curriculum Areas: Mathematics and Design Technology

Mathematical Design Inquiry and problem solving are at the heart of Design thinking and Mathematical concepts. From simple mechanics to sophisticated technologies, our world has evolved greatly over time, constantly producing new and exciting inventions and innovations. The Decimal Number System was the primary system that humans used for calculations over one hundred years ago. But, computers and other technological advancement fuelled the need for a more sophisticated number system. This is what prompted the birth of the Binary Number System.

In this workshop, students will be introduced to binary numbers. They will learn how to count; send information and encode images with binary numbers.

Creative Process

Introduce - demonstrate - experiment – build - reasoning - reflection

At the completion of the workshop students will be able to design a product; send a hidden message or image using their knowledge of the binary code and challenge others in the group to decipher their message.

 Tickets $10 via QKR!


Dancing with Language - Bailamos

Curriculum Areas: Spanish, Global Politics and Dance

During this workshop we will work collaboratively to invite students on a journey of discovery of the Hispanic culture, Spanish politics and the language used, through movement and dance.

Students can expect immersion in real cultural experiences, explore hidden meaning and question motives to explore the movement and culture of specific Hispanic dances.

Creative Process

Introduce -> identify ->explore -> identify -> composition -> physicalising -> reflection

Students will share their creations, receiving and providing feedback to celebrate learning using language and movement. Fiesta time!

 Tickets $10 via QKR!

Microscopic Structures Qi – MicroArt

Curriculum Areas: Science, Visual Arts, Mandarin

Inspired by the creative synthesis of Chinese language, culture and the scientific discipline of microscopy, workshop participants will produce a hybrid-layered artwork as they develop an awareness of unseen nature. Students can expect to explore language, microscopy, technology, visualisation, composition, drawing, painting, synthesis and analysis.

Creative Process

Research -> experiment -> develop -> resolve -> reflect

At the completion of the workshop students will achieve an articulation of process, own use of space, appreciation of cross curricular links, appreciation of cultural influence.

 Tickets $10 via QKR!

Musical Marketing

Curriculum Areas: Music, Business, Psychology

We will work collaboratively to incorporate each other's musical skills to create a short, original piece to advertise your given product.

Students can expect to connect the intention of the advertisement with the character of the music, bringing skills of marketing to understand your audience's needs. Students will perform as soloists on their instrument/voice and work collaboratively to create an original music.

Creative process

Introduce -> collaborate -> present -> reflect

As part of their reflection students will have the opportunity to discuss the process of collaboration in terms of the music and the advertisement. What worked? What didn't? 

Students will need to bring their own instrument. 

Students will have access to QACI's drum kits, piano, large percussion instruments and amplifier.

 Tickets $10 via QKR!


All workshops are $10 per workshop and include lunch.

To book your preferred workshop download the QKR! with Masterpass via the App Store on your phone.

Search for QACI by typing in full, our school name 'Queensland Academies Creative Industries.

Select your workshop time along with your preferred lunch option. Lunch will be provided to students at 12pm on the day. Please note you can select 2 options in the lunch menu to indicate food choice and dietary needs.

Only one lunch order per student will be accepted, regardless of the number of workshops attending. Students can attend a workshop session at 10am and 1pm (max 2 workshops per day). Please note the 1pm workshops are a repeat of the 10am workshop.

Students will collect lunch from Level 4, Blue Goose Café at 12pm.

All workshop bookings need to be booked via QKR! with Masterpass by Thursday 27 May, 9am. 

Application Dates for Year 10 2022

Students seeking entry in Year 10 2022 should apply through the Standard Application Process within advertised timelines wherever possible.

  • QACI Open Day Saturday 29 May, 2021
  • Applications for Year 10 2022 close Friday 18 June, 2021, 4pm.
  • Testing dates Friday 16 July and Saturday 17 July 2021.
  • Notice of Outcome Late Term 3, 2021.

Additional information about Application Process and Admissions Policy can be found on the below links:

If you have any enquiries please contact or telephone (07) 3552 9333.

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