Open days


Our annual Open Day took place on Saturday 20 May, 10am - 3pm.

It is not too late to discover our facilities and meet our world-class educators.

Families can book into a Campus Tour with our Principal and Deputies. To see times and book your preferred tour please click here.

If you are interested in receiving information about QACI's 2024 Open Day, please register your details here and we will email you when information is published.

Discovery Workshops Year 7 and 8 Students

Students in Year 7 and 8 can participate in our cross-disciplinary Discovery Workshops taking place on Saturday 29 July, 10am and 1pm.

Cross disciplinary workshops for students currently in Year 7 and Year 8.

Students in Year 7 and 8 can participate in our cross-disciplinary Discovery Workshops which enable students to experience QACI and explore their potential across the International Baccalaureate curriculum. These workshops will be held across two sessions on Saturday 29 July, 10am - 12pm and 1pm - 3pm. The content is repeated and students can participate in two (2) workshops for the day.

There are no knowledge or experience prerequisites that apply to Discovery Workshops. Designed using a cooperative approach that merges elements from different subjects these hands-on workshops provide opportunities for lateral, collaborative, and creative thinking in fun and engaging ways with our world-class educators.

Workshops are $10 per workshop and include (1) lunch provided by our school canteen - The Blue Goose Café.

Students should bring along pen, paper and water bottle. We request students wear free moving comfortable clothing with enclosed shoes and sleeves.

There is limited availability per workshop and bookings are essential.
Tickets are non-refundable and bookings close Thursday 27 July, 5pm.

Booking your tickets

Our bookings and credit card payments are managed by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia QKR! By Mastercard. Qkr! is a safe and secure mobile phone payment app designed for Australian schools.

To book your preferred workshop download QKR! via the App Store on your mobile phone or you can create an online account via the QKR! web browser.

Search for our school by typing, in full, our school name 'Queensland Academies Creative Industries'.

You know you have the right Queensland Academies school when you see our school logo.

This is our school logo

Create a parent and student profile, adding your payment details. When registering your student, please select "guest" for the Year Level and Connect Class.

Select your workshop and time. Once selected you will then have the option to confirm lunch option for your child. Lunch will be served to students in the Blue Goose Cafè, Level 4 from 12pm - 1pm. 

If you do not see your workshop on the QKR! app, this is an indication that the workshop has reached full capacity.

Registration for workshops will commence from 9:30am on Level 2, where students will be directed to their workshop room. At the conclusion of their workshop, students will be bought down to Level 2 where they can be collected.

Please note: Parents will collect and drop off students at Level 2. The only available building access for parents during the workshops for safety of all students in attendance is Level 2.

Available workshops

Advertising Attitudes

Curriculum Areas: Business, Global Politics, Psychology

In this workshop, students will become aware of the various techniques and appeals used to influence consumer behaviour. Advertising can be subliminal, such as the strategically placed soft drink can in a movie, and we can't help but be influenced and manipulated as consumers.

Unethical selling techniques such as “bait and switch," as well as common deceptive promotions like “get rich quick schemes" are discussed here. This is followed by information on program-length commercials, also called “infomercials."
Students will develop guidelines for viewing and evaluating advertising. This skill will prepare them to make rational decisions in our very complex and evolving marketplace. 

Students should bring one (1) example of a print advertisement that appeals to them and one (1) print advertisement that they do not like. Note: students will be viewing some commercial advertising that may be classified as PG rated.

Workshops: 9am - 11am & 1pm - 3pm

Tickets $10 via QKR!

Arte Vivo

Curriculum Areas: Visual Arts, Spanish

Unleash your creativity and immerse yourself in a vibrant world where art and language converge. Join us for an extraordinary artistic journey with our "Arte Vivo" workshop, where the power of symbolic colours and the beauty of the Spanish language combine to produce awe-inspiring mural artwork.

Whether you're a seasoned artist seeking new inspiration or a language enthusiast eager to explore creative expression, "Arte Vivo" welcomes individuals of all skill levels. Our nurturing environment encourages experimentation and personal growth, allowing you to break free from boundaries and unleash your artistic potential.

At the completion of the workshop students will have an appreciation of formal and conceptual art analysis and will share their collaborations, receiving and providing feedback to celebrate their learnings.

Workshops: 9am - 11am & 1pm - 3pm

Tickets $10 via QKR!

Digital Design Tools

Curriculum Areas: Design Technology and Mathematics

Mathematics is the secret ingredient that adds a whole new dimension to design. In this workshop, we will show you how to harness the power of mathematical concepts and algorithms to create intricate patterns, shapes, and symmetries.

Introducing you to the latest digital design tools, including Desmos, a powerful platform that allows you to create, manipulate, and experiment with your designs, you will learn how to apply mathematical principles you will gain hands-on experience and learn valuable techniques that will help you to navigate the world of digital design with confidence

Workshops: 9am - 11am | 1pm - 3pm

Tickets $10 via QKR!

Le Septième Art - Film en Français

Curriculum Areas: Film and French

Discover the captivating realm of French New Wave, the revolutionary film movement that changed the face of cinema forever! Are you ready for an extraordinary adventure filled with passion, innovation, and artistic brilliance? Then join us for an unforgettable Film and French Workshop!

Students will unravel the secrets of unique storytelling techniques, unconventional narratives, and groundbreaking cinematography by editing classic footage into their own trailer of 40-60 seconds to be shared with the workshop. 

Jean-Luc Godard - “All stories should have a beginning, middle and end but not necessarily in that order.

Please bring a portable USB if you would like to take a copy of your created film home.

Workshops: 9am - 11am | 1pm - 3pm

Tickets $10 via QKR!

Poetry in Motion

Curriculum Areas: English and Theatre

Whether you're an aspiring poet, a budding actor, or simply someone eager to explore the intersection or curriculum areas, this English and Theatre workshop is your chance to unleash your creative potential.

Inspired by emotions, ideas, and imagery, you'll have the opportunity to design and construct visually captivating, physical pieces that represent your own personal creative interpretation.

The workshop is interactive with peer collaboration and will encourage you to think critically, engage with poetry themes, and develop your self-expression through theatre. 

Workshops: 9am - 11am | 1pm - 3pm

Science on the Dance Floor

Curriculum Areas Science and Dance

Are you a science enthusiast who loves to express yourself through dance? Or a passionate dancer eager to dive into the wonders of science? This workshop is tailored just for you. 

Join us to learn where scientific discovery and choreographic process combine. With dynamic hands-on activities students will experience the joy of learning through movement, as they engage in collaborative group activities that fuse scientific concepts with artistic expression. 

This workshop is open to students of all backgrounds and skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or new to the world of science, this workshop is designed to inspire and empower you to develop critical thinking skills, enhance your coordination, and ignite your creativity in an environment that encourages curiosity and exploration.

Workshop: 9am - 11am

Tickets $10 via QKR!

Yîn Yuè

Curriculum Areas Music and Mandarin

Discover the profound connections between music and Chinese culture. Experience the mesmerizing melodies, rhythmic patterns, and haunting harmonies that evoke emotions and tell stories. 
Yin Yue teaches you how to fuse the ancient wisdom of Chinese traditions with modern musical expressions, creating a symphony that celebrates the unity of diverse cultures.

Bask in an atmosphere of camaraderie, collaboration, and creativity and explore how pitch is used to communicate meaning, both in the language and in music.

Workshops: 9am - 11am | 1pm - 3pm

Tickets $10 via QKR!


Workshops are $10 per workshop and include 1 lunch.

To book your preferred workshop download the QKR! app via the App Store on your phone.

Search for QACI by typing in full, our school name 'Queensland Academies Creative Industries.

Select your workshop time along with your preferred lunch option. Lunch will be provided to students at 12pm on the day. Please note you can select 1 option in the lunch menu to indicate food choice and dietary needs.

Only one lunch order per student will be accepted, regardless of the number of workshops attending. Students can attend a workshop session at 10am and 1pm (max 2 workshops per day). Please note the 1pm workshops are a repeat of the 10am workshop.

Students will collect lunch from Level 4, Blue Goose Café at 12pm.

All workshop bookings need to be booked via QKR! by Thursday 27 July, 5pm.

Application Process

For more information about the Admissions process and enrolling at QACI please click here.​

Workshops for Students

At QACI we offer outreach programs for students who are not presently enrolled at this school in the following age groups. These workshops take place annually each year. To receive information when these workshops take place please register your interest below:

Year 5 / 6 Junior Workshops - Subscribe here

Junior Workshops are subject specific workshops for students in primary school - years 5 and 6. These workshops take place in May (Term 2)

Year 7 / 8 Discovery Workshops​ - Subscribe here​

Discovery Workshops for students in Year 7 or 8 and take place in July (Term 3)

Year 9 Discovery Workshops - Subscribe here​​

Year 9 cross disciplinary workshops take place during our Open Day in May (Term 2).

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