Our staff


​​​​​​Leadership team

Principal  – Mick Leigh

Deputy Principal Year 10
- Pedagogy – Sara Johnston​

Deputy Principal Year 11
- Wellbeing and Inclusion - Lauren Smith

Deputy Principal Year 12
- International Baccalaureate Coordinator – Liam Clifford

Head of Department: English – Alice Elwell

Head of Department: Creative Identity – John Carozza

Head of Department: Languages and Inner Core – Elizabeth Daines​

Head of Department: Sciences – Maiko Sharp

Head of Department: Individuals and Societies; and Student Services - Corinne Jennings

Head of Department: Mathematics and eLearning - Jane Baker

Guidance Officer – Katrina Hill, Kym Barrett, Roanna Llewellyn

Learning Support

Year 10 - Jessica Kraak
Year 11 - Joe Wright
Year 12 - Jade Joubert

CAS Coordinator - Patricia Ng
TOK Coordinator - Kylie Newcomb
Extended Essay Coordinator - Heather Bashar
Engagement Coordinator - Terry McKinven
International Baccalaureate Learner (IBL) Coordinator - Jan Sparrow

Digital Innovation - Claudia Amouzandeh

Éveiller House Coordinator - Joe Wright
Matjiin House Coordinator - Terry McKinven
Vivezza House Coordinator - Claudia Amouzandeh

Guidance Officer Year 10 - Katrina Hill
Guidance Officer Year 11 - Roanna Llewellyn
Guidance Officer Year 12 - Kym Barrett

School Base Health Nurse - Aggie Melville

Chaplain - Pharos Roach

International Student Students / EALD - Pamela Govender
Success Coach - Nereda Taylor

Support staff

Business Manager - Joanna Evans​

Marketing and Admissions – Jess Doyle

Marketing and Admissions – Julie Wilson

Executive Services – Trudie Bailey

QACI Central Student Services – Rachel Fry​

QACI Central Library Services – Jonida Naite​

IT Services - Masu Morimoto,

IB Services and Curriculum Services - Anne-Maree Halaufia

Curriculum Services - Lesley Jenkins​

Educational Interpreter - Arianna Smith, Helen Coates

Scientific Assistant – Ann SerinAmelia Gould

Refectory - Liz and Lily

HR Services – Natalie Wendt

Financial Services - Karen Larkin

Facilities Services - Anna Worthy, Peter Sketcher

Cleaning Team

Aurora Nike, Bill Hughes, Doyoung Lee, Mine Nika, Ross Fraser, Brooke Anderson, Sonia Thompson

Group 1 – Language and Literature

English – Kylie NewcombSimon Rogers, Lucy Murphy​, Amy WatsonAlice Elwell, Mark Elliott, Cara Gleeson, Jan Sparrow, Kelly Cowley​, Jessica Kraak, Reg Barber, Aidan Caldwell

Group 2 – Language Acquisition

French – Elizabeth Daines, Patricia Ng Cheong Hin, Terry McKinvenRenee Marschke-Beveridge

Spanish – Alicia Saigo, Esther Dohijo, Monica Lois-Savins​, Terry McKinven, Monica Jiminez-Ruiz

Mandarin – Mark Shou, Rachel Li

Group 3 – Individuals and Societies

Business and Management – Carolyn Kepczyk, Corinne Jennings, Jade Joubert

Psychology – Erica Song, Jade Joubert, Corinne Jennings, Kelly Cowley

Global Politics - Alice Elwell, Carolyn Kepczyk

Group 4 – Experimental Sciences

Science - Katie Gregory, Mikaela Binns

Biology – Claudia Amouzandeh, Joseph Wright

Chemistry – Maiko Sharp, Carlos Garcia Ramirez

Physics - Steve Getto, Jane Baker

Environmental Systems and Societies – Adele Marsden, Mitchel Spann

Design Technology – Mitchel Spann

Group 5 – Mathematics

Mathematics –  Jane Baker, Adam LevittJeremy Barbe, Steve Getto, Rachael Li, Diana Carrejo Fernandez, Mary Ozturkmen

Group 6 – The Arts

Film Studies – John CarozzaMark Elliott, Simon Rogers, Lucy Murphy

Theatre – Kate Stephenson​Brad Jennings, Laura Hague

Visual Arts –  Craig O'Shanesy, Heather Bashar, Sarah Guymer​, Zoe Porter

Music – Sophie Collis, Steve Stiller, Reg Barber

Dance – Kate Stephenson​, Liz Collyer

Last reviewed 23 May 2023
Last updated 23 May 2023