Performance and achievements


​​​Queensland Academies Creative Industries Campus (QACI) enables learners to work toward achievements based on merit in a non-competitive environment. Students are engaged in a broad range of opportunities and we congratulate students on their dedication and commitment to their personal and academic endeavours.


2022 Highlights

Community engagement

  • QACI Student representative Youth Champion for Queensland’s Youth Advisory Council.

  • QACI Student representative for the annual Lord Mayor Youth Advisory Council.

  • 4 Students participated in the Multicultural Australian School Program to reduce discrimination with multicultural Australia.

  • 171 students attend the three-day Year 10 Induction Camp at the Maroochy Waterfront Camp and Conference Centre.

  • Aquafest school swimming carnival (celebrated internally due Brisbane floods)

  • Runfest / Funfest cross country community event.

  • Talentfest school community talent carnival.

  • Flockfest whole school community end of year celebrations.

  • Student Community participation in Harmony Week.

  • Student Community participation in the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence.

  • Student Community participation in International Women’s Day.

  • Student Community participation in Pride Month Campus Celebrations.

  • Student Community participation in Book Week and International Literacy Day.

  • Student Community participation and recognition of NAIDOC Week.

  • Student Community participation in Queensland Mental Health Week.

  • Student Community participation in Fun with Friends International Student Connectivity Events

  • Student-led QACI Drag Race Initiative in support of LGBTI Legal Services.

  • 40+ Year 11 students attend Year 11 Leadership Camp at Stradbroke Island.

  • Year 11 Positive Education Program Unleashing Personal Potential – City Scavenger Hunt.

  • Aspire Awards Community Celebrations.

  • Student Investiture Assembly.

  • Year 12 Graduation Community Celebration.

  • Year 12 Formal.

  • Year 11 Semi-Formal.

  • ANZAC Day Commemorative Assembly and Student Representation at the ANZAC Commemorative School Service.

  • QACI Community Vegetable Garden in partnership with Kelvin Grove Urban Village and Community Queensland.

  • Year 10, 11 and 12 Debating Teams competed in the Queensland Debating Union school-level debating.

  • 3 students participated in the World’s Greatest Shave raising over $1000 for Cancer Council.

  • 5 students participated in Cancer Council’s Ponytail Project to create wigs with real hair for cancer patients.

  • QACI Student participation in the Brisbane Primary School’s City Cluster Leadership and Legacy Project.

  • Successful student entry into the Start QUT Program introducing and allowing students to commence early university studies.


  • All music students participated in the 2-day Music Composition Camp.

  • Music students and student-led ensembles perform – Under the Stars Music Night.

  • Year 11 Music Students compose original score for the Year 11 Theatre ensemble production of Mother Courage and her Children.

  • Student-led ensembles and Music students performed in the Creative Ensembles Music Showcase

  • Student-led ensembles and Music students performed in the Celebration Music Night.

  • Year 12 students performed in the Year 12 IB Music Solo Recitals.

  • Year 10 and 11 music students performed in Music Solo Recitals.

  • 20+ students participated in CGEN Department of Education’s Creative Generation State Schools Onstage.

  • 3 QACI Students awarded leadership positions with the Australian Girls Choir for 2022.


  • Year 12 Experimental Film Screening

  • Year 11 iHuman (Year 10 2022 Films) and Micro Documentary Film Screening.

  • Year 12 students showcased their final Year 12 Individual Project, Cinematica.

  • Year 10 (2022) iHuman Film Screening.

  • Year 11 and 12 Film Students attended 3-day Film Camp at Natural Bridge.

  • Year 10 students participated in specialised editing workshops with film and moving-image artists.

  • Student received full scholarship to Bachelor of Screen Production with Excelsia College & Sydney Film School


  • Year 11 Theatre Students perform Epic Theatre – Laramie in collaboration with QACI Music Students.

  • Year 12 Theatre Students perform A Midsummer Night's Dream

  • Year 11 Theatre students perform in the Absurd Theatre Showcase - Curiouser and Curiouser

  • Year 10 Theatre Students perform Australian Gothic Theatre – Separate Dying Embers

  • Engaged Thomas Larkin (actor/director) to work with year 11 students on verbatim acting and American accents for Laramie.

  • Brisbane-based designers Sarah Winter (stage design), Jason Glenwright (lighting) and Josh McIntosh (stage design) worked with the year 12s to support the design aspect of their Directors notebook task.

  • Mark Hill (international Butoh artist) spent a week with the Year 11s guiding them through an Eastern Theatre intensive in preparation for their first summative assessment exploring Suzuki, Butoh, Noh and Kecak theatre traditions.

  • Marcus Oborn (voice specialist with USQ) lead vocal workshops with the Year 10 Theatre cohort in preparation for their first public performance in Separate Dying Embers.

  • Attended 2 productions – The Almighty Sometimes with QT and Holding Achilies with Brisbane Festival, Mary Poppins.


  • Two students successfully performed as Part of the Australasian Dance Collective Youth company in Echo and Succession

  • Three students successfully auditioned for the 2023 Australasian Dance Collective Youth company

  • One student successfully auditioned for the Sydney Dance Company Pre Professional year 2023 & Victorian College of the Arts (Dance) for 2023

  • Three students accepted into indepenDANCE 2022 (Phluxus Dance Collective) where they performed in a series of works developed by independent contemporary artists

  • Year 10,11 & 12 Dance students attended Dance Lab and engaged with workshops ran by local dance artists (Nerida Matthaei, Bruna Ribero, Yasim Coronado Veranes & Rachel Dowse)

  • Year 12 Students worked with QUT Dance intern Adrian Malbasias to develop a choreographic work for Propel

  • Year 10 students worked with Brisbane based choreographer Louise to develop explore Brazilian Samba  

  • Year 11 students worked with Brisbane based choreographer Jayden Grogan to develop a Postmodern choreographic work for Momentum

  • Year 12 students worked with Brisbane based choreographer Jade Brider to develop a contemporary choreographic work for Propel

  • Year 10  students engaged with a contact improvisation workshop led by Brisbane based independent artist Jacob Watton

  • Year 11  students engaged with a Contemporary floor work workshop led by Brisbane based independent artist Hsin Ju Ely

  • Year 10,11 & 12 Dance students performed in LAUNCH

  • Year 12 students performed in Propel

  • Year 10 & 11 students performed in Momentum

  • Year 10 & 11 students invited to perform as part of the QUT Dance end of year performance.

  • Attended Manifesto by Stephanie Lake at QPAC

  • Students visited QUT to engage with a compositional skills workshop using virtual reality headsets

Visual Arts

  • Year 11 and Year 12 Visual Arts students exhibited in the Visual Art Big Day In Exhibition, Gallery 61.

  • Year 11 and Year 12 Visual Arts students participated in the Visual Arts Big Day in with 5 practising Visual Artists.

  • Year 10 and 43 Year 11 Visual Arts Students attend excursion to GOMA for the Chiharu Shiota art exhibition.

  • Staff Visual Art Exhibition of Creative Endeavour, Gallery 61 – Avocation.

  • Year 12 students exhibited in the Final Year 12 Art Exhibition, exIBit.

  • Year 10 students exhibited in the Year 10 Visual Arts Mark Making exhibition, Gallery 61.

  • Year 11 students exhibited in the Year 11 Abstract Art exhibition, Gallery 61.

  • Year 10 students exhibited in the Year 10 Printmaking our Identity exhibition, Gallery 61.

  • Year 11 students exhibited in the Year 11 Ritual exhibition, Gallery 61.

  • 2022 Department of Education CGen Excellence in Visual Arts winner Arlo Tarry for their artwork ‘Dysphoric Perceptions.

Design Technology 

  • All Design Technology students participated in the QACI Design Day workshops with 9 industry experienced experts in their chosen field of Design.

  • Year 12 Design Students obtained a certificate from the Products Innovation Institute in 'Designing cradle to cradle certified products for the circular economy'.
  • 3 Students attended and online conference 'We can access" a UK based charity focused on 'learning how to create accessible learning spaces'


  • QACI QUT STEM Enrichment Program with Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation

  • Year 10 Science Excursion to Movieworld

  • Student Community participation in Scinema as part of National Science Week at QACI.

  • 8 students selected to work with QUT Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI QUT) Research Program as part of QACI’s education out of the classroom (EOTC) program.

  • 1 Student completed the 3-day Health Program with Mater Education.


  • 1 Student participated in the James Cook University Academy of Modern Languages.
  • 4 Students participated in the University of Queensland Institute of Modern Languages.
  • 1 Student awarded Silver in the MLTAQ Speech Competition
  • 1 Student participated in the AML Course


  • 2010 QACI Alumni Cameron Dunlop for his recent success in his role as Cinematographer in the Adam Finney Directed Film - Where is My Darling - co-winning best short documentary at the Antenna International Documentary Film Festival.
  • 2021 QACI Alumni Noa Thornton releases Solidago Film at New Farm Cinemas.
  • 2021 QACI Alumni Harrison Brown winner of the Excelsia & Sydney School Awards for A Walk Down Memory Lane winning a full scholarship to the Bachelor of Screen Production with Excelsia College and Sydney Film School.
  • 2021 QACI Alumni received a certificate of merit in the TJ Ryan Memorial Medal and Scholarship.

University Destinations for 2023

Our 2022 graduates are prepared for study and are pursuing a variety of industries with entry confirmed into the following university courses for 2022.

​Bachelor of Dance Performance
​Academy of Music and Performing Arts (AMPA)
​Diploma for Cinemagraphic Makeup
​Australian Academy of Cinemagraphic Makeup
​Bachelor of Midwifery
​Australian Catholic University
​Paramedicine / Nursing
​Australian Catholic University
​Bachelor of Computer Science & Physics
​Australian National University
​Advanced Diploma Professional Dance (Elite Performance)
​Brent Street Performing Arts
​Animation​Griffith University
Design for Performance
​Bachelor of Education (Primary)
​Behavioural Sciences
​Film, Screen and New Media
​Bachelor of Fine Arts (Music)
​Information Technology
​Communication and Design
​Bachelor of Creative Industries (Visual Arts)
​University of Canberra
​Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance)
​University of Melbourne
​Bachelor of Arts (English & Theatre Studies)
​University of Melbourne
​Bachelor of Arts (Communications)
​University of Queensland
​Bachelor of Business and Design
​University of Queensland
​Bachelor of Business and Diploma of Spanish
​University of Queensland
​Bachelor of Commerce and Economics
​University of Queensland
​Bachelor of Commerce and Law
​University of Queensland
​Biomedical Science
​University of Queensland
​Business Management and Law
​University of Queensland
​Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology
​University of Queensland
​Clinical Exercise Physiology
​University of Queensland
​Education (Secondary Visual Arts)
​University of Queensland
​Engineering and Diploma of Spanish
​University of Queensland
​English Literature and Writing
​University of Queensland
​Humanities Western Civilisation
​University of Queensland
​Pharmacy​University of Queensland
​Physiotherapy​University of Queensland
​Psychology​University of Queensland
​Speech Pathology
​University of Queensland
​Social Work / Criminology and Justice
​University of Sunshine Coast
​Commerce and Law
​University of Sydney
​International and Global Studies
​University of Sydney
​Bachelor of Science / Doctor of Medicine
​University of Sydney
Bachelor of Environmental Sciences
University of Waikato, NZ
​Performing Arts, Performance Making

Last reviewed 03 March 2023
Last updated 03 March 2023