​Wellbeing and Inclusion Framework

The Learning and Wellbeing Framework for all Queensland State Schools plays a vital role in supporting student wellbeing within the school context and highlights that schools can influence both learning and wellbeing.

Educators, parents, and children and young people themselves all have a role to play as part of a whole school approach to supporting the wellbeing and mental health of all Queensland state school students.

At QACI our Wellbeing and Inclusion framework is informed by the six domains of wellbeing as taken from Positive Psychology and known as PERMA-H.

Positive Emotions

Experiencing a broad range of positive emotions and developing skills and knowledge to anticipate, initiate, experience, prolong and build positive emotions. 


Promoting complete immersion in enjoyable activities that meet your needs and capabilities in terms of challenge level and skills level. 


Increasing social and emotional skills in order to create and promote strong and nourishing relationships with self and others.

Meaning and Purpose

Understanding, believing in, and serving something great than yourself and engaging in activities for the benefit of others.


Enabling individual growth through striving and achieving manageable outcomes. 


Practicing sustainable habits for optimal physical and psychological health.

QACI Connect Program

These in turn inform the organisation of the QACI Connect program into Connect, Thrive, and Strive; House and Community events; Positive Education Days; and the Succeed program.

At QACI students are valued members of a Connect class, a Pod, a House, a Year Level and the whole school community. Throughout the year, students enjoy activities within each of these groups; enriching school life, creating connections and providing a counterbalance to their academic endeavours. 

Students can also participate in our Succeed Programs which offer individual and small group wrap-around support for time and stress management, health, wellbeing, detailed academic support and more.

Inclusive Education Policy

Students enrolled in Queensland State Schools come from a diverse social, cultural, geographic and family backgrounds, are of many identities, and of all abilities.

Inclusion is embedded in all aspects of school life and is supported by culture, school policies, education queensland policies and everyday practice at QACI.

School Enrichment Activities

QACI students participate in a variety of enrichment activities to enhance their education and wellbeing outside of the scope of formal curriculum activities.

​​​​Enrichment Activity

​AuslanStudents will learn sign language.

This enrichment is run by an AUSLAN teacher who will teach you the basics of communication in sign language.

​Basketball​Students will get some fresh air and play some basketball at McCaskie Park QUT outdoor courts. They will learn how to play or refine those skills. All levels welcome.
​Blue Dragon' - Global Citizenship
​Join in on workshops run by the Blue Drago Foundation given to students in schools around the world on issues like human trafficking, child labour, modern slavery, poverty, homelessness and environmental justice. Students will learn about real cases and assist the foundation. In doing so, they will be better global citizens.
​Coding​Students will learn how to create web
pages, apps, games, or working on other computer based projects. Students will learn more about a programming language such as Python, Javascript or JQuery.  This activity is best suited to students with some background in coding looking to build on their skills, or students with no background with a definite project in mind that they want to work on. You don’t need to be an expert but you do need to have some goals in mind.
​Drawing​Students  will  explore  a  range  of  subject  matter  and  drawing  from  life  to  develop  their observational drawing skills, as well as experimenting with wet and dry media. Students will produce a series  of  small  drawings  on  paper,  different  surfaces  and  extend  these
works into mixed - media collage.
​Creative Writing

​Designed as a class for creative writing, this will be a collaborative space where we can enjoy and learn more about the process: brainstorm ideas, hone our craft, become better storytellers and judicious editors of our own and others’ work. It will provide a place where we can share, enjoy and critique.

​The Uthando Doll Project is an organisation that brings play into the lives of children in Kwa Zulu-Natal, where they use dolls as a medium for children’s expression and mental health in the context of AIDS and numerous orphaned children.​

​DrawingStudents will explore a range of subject matter and drawing from life to develop their observational drawing skills, as well as experimenting with wet and dry media. Students will produce a series of small drawings on paper, different surfaces and extend these works into mixed-media collage.
​Gallery Directors

​Be part of the QACI Gallery 61 management team and curate, hang, photograph, promote, lead public tours, devise and  facilitate children’s activities for Gallery 61 exhibitions.
​Gardening​Learn the basics of gardening and keeping the QACI indoor plants alive. You'll be helping maintain the QACI plants on the Level 4 deck and some indoor plants as well!
​Indoor Sports

​Indoor sports played at the QUT indoor courts. Students can play basketball, volleyball, soccer and run their own mini competitions.
​Improvisation Skills

​Students will learn and participate in a number of fun activities and games centered around the fundamentals of  improvisation. Aimed towards people who aren’t as good at improv as they want to be, students will learn tons from the basics of improv, to storytelling, to group improvisation all  culminating in a fun, frantic and hilarious improv tournament.
​Jazz Dance
A student-run Jazz class, which incorporates ballet technique, contemporary floorwork and jazz rhythms. For beginners to trained dancers, this class will be highly enjoyable for all lovers of dance.

​Learn basics of knitting whilst having great conversation. Students can knit for various charities or create their own project.
​Model United Nations
Model United Nations (MUN) is an educational simulation in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, global politics and the United Nations. Students will assume the role of the delegate for a specific country and will vote on resolutions on behalf of that country in a simulated General Assembly. Topics covered in this enrichment are varied, and include the question of the death penalty, the question of the political participation of adolescents, and the question of the right to the hijab and other religious garments, amongst many others.
​Mural Projects

​The Mural Projects Collective group will work as a creative team, researching the history of murals and a wide range of contemporary art practices that will give them the opportunity to collaborate on several vibrant and mixed media murals. Students will extend upon their current art knowledge as well as learn new approaches and techniques to construct murals across the QACI campus. ​

​Nature Journalling
A nature journal is a space where students can record observations, thoughts, feelings about what they see in nature. This relaxing practice will take place in Kundu Park.
​Recording Studio Project
​Explore the technical side to creating music. Students will use the Recording Studio on Level 6 with Mr C.
​Sewing Sustainability

​Learn how to sew. Upcycle, Recycle, Reuse materials no longer in use to create new, purposed items, such as: Bags, pencil case, tote bags etc. Hand and machine sewing in use.

​Explore the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in this STEM enrichment where you create, design and carry out your own project.
​Sustainable Communities

​Contribute to the ongoing use and maintenance of the Kelvin Grove Urban Village Community Garden in Kundu Park, which involves communication with the local residents, hands on gardening in our 4 allocated raised garden beds (including soil preparation, planting, nuturing, weeding, harvesting and composting) as well as general maintenace of the Kundu Park public gardens.
​Thread Heads
​Literally any craft that involves a “thread”. Think sewing, crochet, tapestry, embroidery - you name it.
​Walking Club
​Students will head on a walk around the lovely surrounds of the QUT campus and Victoria Park.
​YouTube Yoga
​A one hour yoga class - run virtually by Yoga Instructors. Students can be a range of levels from beginner to advanced. Students will learn the basics of Yoga and helpful body movement / stretches.​

Last reviewed 19 August 2022
Last updated 19 August 2022