Uniform shop


Queensland Academies Creative Industries (QACI) has a partnership with The School Locker for the production and supply of our school uniform.

QACI Uniform sizes may be a variation to standard sizing. Please try uniforms on prior to ordering online.

During the year school uniforms are available for purchase from The School Locker Uniform Shop located at:

University of Queensland
288 Herston Road
Herston Queensland 4006

Trading Hours
Monday: 7.30am - 11.30am
Wednesday: 1.00pm – 5.00pm
Friday: 10:00am - 2:00pm

The Herston store will also open on Saturday 23 November, 8am - 1pm

The Herston store will be closed over the Christmas Break:

Last day of trade: 6 December 2019 and first day of trade: 22 January 2020

Some QACI stock may be carried at the School Locker North Lakes Store. We advise to phone ahead and check supplies beforehand.

The School Locker - North Lakes
Unit 9, 4-6 Burke Crescent
North Lakes   Qld 4509

Trading Hours – Open all year
Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 5pm
Saturday: 9am - 3pm
Open all Sundays in January 2020

In addition you can purchase your students uniforms online at The School Locker.

If you require further information or have an enquiry about uniforms you can also contact Natalie at QACI on (07) 3552 9333 or via email

QACI’s uniform ensemble was designed by the foundation student cohort here and our community, past and present, take pride in our image and reputation. Students at QACI have access to 3 uniforms with each recognising and reflecting a sense of time, place and occasion.

  1. A day uniform
  2. A formal uniform
  3. An active wear uniform

We foster a positive reputation in the wider community as a team, and as individuals by how we are seen, received and perceived on a daily basis. Our uniform and presentation, sends a very important message about our standards, values and our sense of belonging and alignment.

To achieve this:

  • The specified uniform is to be worn in its entirety and may not be modified in any way.
  • The uniform must be worn neatly at all times and in a manner consistent with the intent of the uniform and time and place.
  • Wearing items other than specified in the approved uniform components is not acceptable.

Our formal uniform is our showcase outfit and it is expected that students will wear their full formal attire to QACI:

  • on assembly day
  • at specified campus events, special assemblies or highlighted days of significance.

The jacket must be worn in public (external to the campus) during the cooler months (Term 2 and 3). The wearing of the jacket is optional outside of situations listed above.

A student may choose to wear the formal uniform on days in addition to that specified above however they must wear the uniform consistent with the uniform guidelines.

Our day uniform presents a smart, practical outfit suitable for our climate and indoor learning environment. The day uniform can be worn any day of the week except those specified for the formal uniform.

The active uniform may not be required by all students. A student will be required to have and wear the active uniform if they are a member of a campus team or a campus facilitated event or activity. The active wear is only to be worn for the duration of the event or activity. If this activity is before school or facilitated as an after school event they are permitted to wear the active uniform to and from home.

Last reviewed 11 November 2019
Last updated 11 November 2019