Mateuse Pingol


My name is Mateuse, I was a 2012 QACI graduate and now I’m employed at the Nine Network as a Writer/Researcher for an upcoming 2018 Children’s TV show. I have previously worked at Network Ten as a Post Production Coordinator, Offline Editor and Props Master, and as a Digital Media Video Producer/Editor at QUT.

I decided to apply for QACI when I was in grade 9 as my previous high school did not have a media/film department. I’d been making short films in my spare time as a hobby and I knew it was something that I was wanting to pursue further. I was accepted into QACI for grade 10, 2010 and boy did I get some opportunities!

The highlights of my three years at QACI were definitely the international experiences and the opportunities to intern with industry professionals. In grade 11 I had two students from the Singapore School of the Arts (SOTA) homestay at my house and as their school has a creative focus and studies the International Baccalaureate (IB) like QACI, we were able to share our creative experiences. As I studied Spanish as my IB language I also went on the QACI study trip where I stayed in Santiago in Spain for three weeks, improved my Spanish and immersed myself in the culture with the help of my homestay and studying at her school.

During grade 10 we also had Carbon Media sharing an office space at QACI and I had the opportunity to undertake workshops with the business and learn how a production company functions. When the business made the kids’ TV show Go Lingo for ABC3, myself and some other interning students were involved on set and I also assisted with Graphics. By grade 12 I really found myself applying the industry skills I had learnt as a fellow student and I made our final IB film, My City Walkabout, which won multiple short film awards nationally and internationally and now has a distribution deal as an educational resource.

These opportunities were ones I would not have received at my previous high school and they really cemented to me that I wanted to eventually have a career in Film and TV. This helped me make the decision to study a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Film, TV and New Media Production) at QUT and ultimately led me to where I am now, writing for Children’s TV.

For those looking to apply for QACI I have two pieces of advice for you:

One – Do believe them. The International Baccalaureate Curriculum really is as rigorous as they say. You undertake six compulsory subjects as well as the additional requirements of CAS, TOK and EE. For this reason, if you go to QACI, you may find that your workload is trickier than your friends’ workload at your previous high school and you may find juggling it all a bit rough. But the important thing to remember when you get to grade 12 is that everyone, no matter your school, is in the same boat wanting to ensure they graduate and the QACI students and teachers are very good at fostering a supportive community to get you through.

Two – Choose QACI if you love your art and know that even though you will be doing your art you will also have to do an intense academic curriculum of five other subjects which aren’t very creative. If this isn’t something you’re up for then maybe it’s worth evaluating your reason for choosing QACI. Studying the International Baccalaureate was a steep upwards climb until I finally reached the summit and graduated, but it was definitely achievable. All the QACI graduates are proof of that. From the curriculum and workload I really learnt how to balance my time and it helped me to become an open minded and global thinker. These skills made my first year of university extremely easy when it came to writing my assignments, and I have carried the time-management, stress-management and collaborative skills into my working life.

Ultimately I think that QACI helped me to become a better inquirer and a communicator by improving my global awareness through learning a language and sharing experiences with other IB students worldwide. QACI also encouraged me to embrace my creativity and seek new ways to communicate in Film and TV – an industry that is vastly changing due to digital technology but, in turn, opening up so many opportunities for young people.

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Accolades and Awards received from My City Walkabout

  • 2012 ‘My City Walkabout’ Wrote and Created MatEm Productions.
  • Winner of ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) Screen It Competition 2013.
  • Winner of Flickerfest Short Film Festival 2013.
  • Winner of Queensland New Filmmakers Awards (QNFA) Brisbane International Film Festival 2012.
  • Official selection of The Aurora Channel Short Film Festival 2013.
  • Official selection of The Princeton Film and Video Festival 2013.
  • Official selection of The Bond University Film and Television Awards (BUFTA) Short Film Awards 2012.
  • 2011 ‘Black Locks’ Wrote and Created MatEm Productions - Finalist at Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM) Awards 2011.
  • 2011 ‘Les Rêves’ Wrote and Created MatEm Productions - Winner of Mash It Up 2012.
  • 2011 ‘Reflections’ Wrote Australian School of Performing Arts, Film and Television.
  • 2010 ‘I’ll Take Care of You’ Wrote and Created MatEm Productions.
Last reviewed 23 November 2018
Last updated 23 November 2018