Andrew Stevenson


Andrew Stevenson - Class of 2015

Andrew graduated from QACI in 2015 after achieving his IB Diploma and developing a signature creative identity in Theatre and Design Technology.

Following his passion for acting and theatre making Andrew began study at QUT in the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama) program before heading to Melbourne where he is completing his final year at Monash University studying a Bachelor of Arts (Theatre and Performance).

Here’s more of Andrew’s story:

… I graduate in November and have prospects to move to New York next year. I am about to begin working in consultation with Vision Australia and the vision impaired community to create theatre that is as engaging for the visually impaired as it is for sighted audience members.

Recently, I was selected by Monash University to travel to New York City on an intensive study scholarship; the selection criteria included a video, an essay and series of interviews. The Monash Global Discovery Program is a ten-day immersive, international internship with exclusive access to influential global Monash alumni and their networks in New York City.

As part of the internship, I connected and networked with hugely successful companies and Monash alumni working in New York City. Some of these companies and places included YouTube, Google, The United Nations, New York Stock Exchange, QBE and many more. QACI’s global minded approach to learning played a huge role in preparing me for such an incredible opportunity.

Since the internship, I have developed some incredible connections and networks in NYC that have led to some exciting opportunities for 2019. QACI and the International Baccalaureate Diploma taught me the importance of communication, reflection and the significance of having an open mind. All of these IB Learner Profile attributes allowed me to make the most of such a life-changing opportunity.

I heard about QACI when I was in Year 9. A friend who knew I loved acting and the Arts suggested that I looked into continuing my schooling at QACI. QACI was a perfect fit for me to prepare myself for the industry. Most importantly, I wanted to to learn and grow in an environment that pushed me to make a difference, and to discover who I am and what my purpose is.

My advice for families who may be considering QACI for their high achieving children is take the chance and DO it! Ever since starting Year 10 at QACI in 2013, I have always promoted how many opportunities the school opened for me to develop academically and personally. I still stick by going to QACI as the best decision I have ever made; it formed the person I am proud to be today, it taught me the importance of having a global mindset and opened me to a learning culture that changed the way I view the world. QACI is not just another high school, nor is it just a high school specialising in the Arts. QACI is a journey of self-development and growth, nurturing graduates to develop acute senses of empathy, global mindedness and passion. I fully recommend beginning your journey at QACI.

Studying the International Baccalaureate Curriculum was so engaging due to its global approach to learning. In a world that is developing an increasing intercultural focus, it is so important that people approach their work with a global mindset. The IB promotes this and allows students to develop prospects internationally as well as how to connect with people of different cultures, nationalities and identities. The IB CAS (Creativity Activity Service) program assists in developing a sense of selflessness and empathy, encouraging students to assist and help the community as part of their studies. Studying the IB has provided me with the tools to connect with people all over the world and to approach all opportunities with an open mind. I can confidently say that I would not have the international mindedness that I have today without studying the IB diploma.

Although all ten of the IB Learner Profile attributes were integral to my journey at QACI, the two that particularly resonate with me are striving to be a communicator and reflective. In an ever-competitive world, we often discover opportunity based on whom we know and less often, for what we know. Having confidence and proficiency in communication is incredibly vital in networking and connecting with new people. Self-reflection was also a key part of my journey at QACI. Developing the ability to engage in an experience, reflect on it and then initiate growth from that experience plays a huge role in my continuing development. The IB Learner Profile created the framework that supported me to grow and flourish; it enriched my journey at QACI and nurtured my self-discovery, personal growth and social development.

Find out about Monash University’s Global Discovery Program:

Please see Andrew’s video for the Monash Global Discovery Program and check out Andrew’s website.

Last reviewed 26 November 2018
Last updated 26 November 2018