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Our staff

Leadership team

Principal – Gavin Bryce

Deputy Principal – Karen Casey

Deputy Principal – Debbie Williamson

Acting Head of Department: English, Business and Psychology – Megan Warburton

Head of Department: Creative Identity – John Carozza

Head of Department: Languages – Elizabeth Daines 

Head of Department: eLearning - Jennie Jahnke

Head of Department: Mathematics and Sciences – Liam Clifford

Guidance Officer – Katrina Hill

Year Level Co-ordinators

Year 10 - Jennie Jahnke

Year 11 - Jane Baker

Support staff

Corporate Services Manager – Joy Waugh

Executive Services Officer – Trudie Bailey

Client Services Officer – Karen Larkin

Client Services Officer – Natalie Wendt

International Baccalaureate (IB) Coordinator / Marketing and Communications – Joanna Evans

Marketing and Communications – Julie Wilson

Marketing and Communications – Jess Doyle

QACI library Jonida Ahmed

Curriculum Support – Lesley Jenkins

Design Technology Support – Russell Hamilton

Teacher Aides – Hayley Egyed, Chloe Waters, Shi Drake, Anne-Maree Halaufia

ICT Technician – Masu Morimoto

Scientific Assistant – Ann Serin

Chaplain – Lauren Hutton

School Nurse – Rose Hargrave

Group 1 – Language A1

English – Melissa Jeffreys, Kylie Newcomb, Megan Warburton, Megan Flesser, Tammie Gilbert, Jennie Jahnke

Group 2 – Second Language

French – Elizabeth Daines, Patricia Ng Cheong Hin, Viviane Laigle​

Spanish – Monica Jimenez-Ruiz, Alicia Saigo

Mandarin – Mark Shou

Group 3 – Individuals and Societies

Business and Management – Carolyn Kepczyk, Corinne Jennings

Psychology – Megan Flesser

Group 4 – Experimental Sciences

Biology – Ben Aspinall, Liam Clifford

Chemistry – Katherine Henney

Environmental Systems and Societies – Adele Marsden

Design Technology – Greg Yeats, Nadia Sten

Group 5 – Mathematics

Mathematics – Diana Fernandez, Suzanne Jones, Georgina Alderson, Jane Baker

Group 6 – The Arts

Film Studies – John Carozza, Melanie Osborne, Lucy Morris

Theatre – Simon Tate, Lucy Morris

Visual Arts – Karen Stevens, Craig O'Shanesy, Genevieve Staines

Music – Michael Askill, Kate Freeman, Matthew Christensen

Dance – Renee Place