Sheridan Eccleston


​Sheridan Eccleston - Class of 2010

Sheridan Eccleston graduated from QACI in 2010 after achieving her IB Diploma and developing a signature creative identity in Visual Arts. Here is her story:

Hi, I’m Sheridan! I was one of the QACI flock from 2008-2010. I specialised in visual arts and spent many a lunch time nesting in the art studios with paint in my feathers. The rest of my free time was spent pouring over my notes frantically trying to figure out photosynthesis and learn the genders of French nouns. It was definitely more challenging than your typical high school experience.  

Tough at the time, but worth it now! More than anything, life at QACI taught me how to juggle. When I started university it wasn’t daunting or challenging, it was just another ball in the air. In fact it was the only ball in the air, which felt like a holiday after high school! So I started looking for other interesting projects and opportunities to get back to what I was used to. I travelled to the Netherlands, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and New Zealand to compete for my university in business strategy competitions (along with another QACI grad you might know – the lovely Celeste Burke!). I started a non-profit that connected 10,000+ young Australians with charitable causes. I put forward submissions for a variety of industry competitions for technology, telecommunications, finance and start-ups. I graduated top of my class for both degrees (finance and entertainment industries), and was offered 3 scholarships.

When I graduated and started my first ‘real’ job, the same thing happened again – right back down to 1 ball in the air! But the best part of a 9 to 5 job is that your 5 to 9 is all yours, so I’ve been able to stick my beak into all sorts of fun. I work for AMP, which is a banking, super and insurance company. Outside of work, I’ve been researching how customer advocacy is generated at claim stage in insurance for submission to an industry body. I’m also participating in a skilled volunteering project to develop a corporate program that combats workplace mental illness. And just before you think I’ve completely forgotten that I went to a creative industries academy; I’ve started freelance illustration. This year I illustrated my first book, which is one ticked off the bucket list!

That brings you up to date on my journey so far! The only thing left to say is a big thank you QACI, for turning me into a juggling goose! And also: ​   

Last reviewed 29 August 2018
Last updated 29 August 2018