Year 11 Student visit to GOMA

..article written by Acacia Calder, Year 11

This year we see the start of 2018 and another school year, trying to organise assessment schedules for all our classes, but to begin our Year 11 visual arts work, we visited GOMA to see two incredibly different, but extremely talented artists. Yayoi Kasama, and Gerhard Richter. Throughout these two exhibitions, we were able to look at the two different styles, and then to ourselves. Both artists used their paintings to express how the saw their world and being able to see the vast differences between these enabled us to question how we see and interact with the world.

Gerhard Richer is truly an iconic artist, his range of abilities are not only breathtaking, but surprising that a single artist can have such handle on so many forms of art. He breaks the idea we typically have of an artist, very talented but usually only in one style. I believe seeing Richter’s works made us all realise that we didn’t need to limit ourselves or our art to one form, but we should try push ourselves to create whatever we feel like creating. There have been many times in many aspects of life, that I have seen people try define themselves. And although painting may be an incredibly cheesy metaphor to put to life, I believe his work has really opened our eyes to the fact we can change our styles of being or creating as many times as we want.

Having the opportunity to go see these artworks in person, whilst not only making a head start on that already inevitable assessment, it also gives a wider view of the artwork. An experience that is often lost on art through a computer screen. As a beginning to one of the busiest years of our schooling career, it did an amazing job showing us what we can aim for.