Year 11 QACI theatre presents EPIC CABARET

Year 11 QACI Theatre presents

Epic Cabaret

A Night of Political Provocations, Subversive Scenes and Artistic Agitation all presented in the seediest cabaret bar in QACI.

Doors open 6:30pm for 7pm, Thursday 1 June and Friday 2 June, Level 2 Studio.

Throughout the 20th century there have been underground venues that have bred sedition and fomented political argument. German playwright Bertolt Brecht created a form of theatre that stripped away the pretense of theatricality in order to make his audiences think as much as they were entertained. This is Epic Theatre.

The year 11 ensemble are a hot-bed of political unrest and they have something to say about the state of the nation! We’re here! We’re queer! We might be selling beer!

7 different Epic theatre performances, 4 performances on Thursday 1 June and 3 performances on Friday 2 June, all framed within the setting of a Weimar era German speakeasy / cabaret.


Table seating is limited. Bookings are essential.

QACI Studio Performance
61 Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove

Thursday 1 June, 7pm (4 performances)

Friday 2 June, 7pm (3 performances)

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