On the Spot with Principal Gavin Bryce
Year 10 Volunteering Expo

…article written by Rory Carmichael, Year 10

This week the Year 10 Cohort from Queensland Academies Creative Industries Campus (QACI) formed working partnerships with a charity organisation they felt passionate about, to raise awareness for their cause as part of a Year 10 Volunteering Expo for their Certificate 111 in Active Volunteering.

The expo successfully brought to life the dedication of each individual student and ignited passion among students when recruiting other members of the QACI Community to their cause. A pleasant and enjoyable experience for all, especially with Principal Gavin Bryce and other members of staff attending the expo donating to their cause.

As part of the expo students designed posters, adding lights and music to their displays giving a particularly welcoming feel to all who visited.  Walking around some of the expo’s on display it was obvious to see the dedication and research that student’s put in to understand and explain what their chosen charity was aiming to bring to interested parties; each student feeling strongly about their chosen charity and each student armed with the aim of educating the wider community.

With charities supporting people less fortunate than us, environmental issues and endangered species it was fabulous to see the QACI Pillars of Passion; Preparedness, Persistence, Positivity, Pride/Professionalism, and Principled at play!

Attending the Year 10 Volunteering Expo, Principal Gavin Bryce was ‘On The Spot’ with Grace Talbot and Imogen Litchfield of Year 10 to talk about their group’s volunteering initiative.