Year 10 Theatre Ensemble presents THE HOWL

Queensland Academies Creative Industries Year 10 Theatre Ensemble presents THE HOWL.

There is a call, echoing from the wild, summoning teenage girls to break out of their everyday lives and routines and, without explanation, walk into the bush.
Is this a rebellion against the pervasive pressure to conform to social expectations, or is it the resurgence of an ancient power, the god of nature and chaos, Dionysus, come to offer an alternative and balance the scale?
When the war between the gods of control and chaos, civilisation and nature overwhelms society, what happens to those innocents caught in between?

The Howl is a new work commissioned for QACI by Melbourne based playwright Morgan Rose from Riot Stage Theatre Company. Taking inspiration from Euripides’ Ancient play The Bacchae, The Howl explores the pressures of society, the expectation of young women and the tension that exists when you know there must be an alternative, but not what that option is.

Performances Dates:

Thursday 2 November – Saturday 4 November

Performance Time:

7pm start

Tickets $5.00

Tickets to these performances are strictly limited and bookings are essential. If you are reserving a group high school student booking (including a minimum of 10 students, plus 1 teacher) please email to secure your tickets for your special rate.

Warning: This production contains strobe lighting and some tense atmosphere and is suitable for audiences aged 13 and over.

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