Year 10 students interpret their surroundings with visits to four art gallerys in Brisbane

On Tuesday 17th of October 2017, the Year 10 Visual Arts students’ embarked on a creatively enriching visit to four art galleries in Brisbane. Our first visit was to the QUT Gardens Point Campus, which is filled with both classical European architecture as well as modern structures. We were inspired by the combination of modern architecture and botanical elements and sat down, out of the rain, to interpret our surroundings with pen and paper extending skills we learnt in our Mark-Making and Print-Making units.

The Art Museum at the QUT Gardens Point campus displayed an array of local and international artists’ innovative, contemporary art pieces that cleverly incorporated elements of interactive technology. Machination showed sculptural, technological work which rebelled against mainstream art with unique and confronting art pieces. Next to Machination was the AI and Humanity exhibition. This exhibit allowed you to do the creating and become involved with the technology. It also showed artist’s explorations into modern programming. Next was the William Robinson Gallery at QUT Gardens Point, which displayed the domestic, quaint still life paintings of William Robinson in his exhibition, Eternal Present. This exhibit displayed a classical style of art that was surrounded by the beautiful, historical architecture of Old Government House.

After having lunch, we went back to the undercover area and worked on a collaborative art piece that intrigued anyone passing by. I believe this collaboration activity allowed us all to connect better as a cohort. We then moved onto our last visit at the Museum of Brisbane, which explored the Australian identity and the daily lives of the Brisbane people. The QACI Visual Arts cohort enjoyed discovering more about their community and the local artists.

Throughout the day, the galleries helped cement our class and we learnt knowledge with a more real-world experience. The freedom to explore the exhibits and artworks gave us the opportunity to re-imagine how art plays a part in everyday life not just in the classroom. We all learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

Article written by Lucy Walton and Acacia Calder