Warning about content in Netflix series ’13 Reasons Why’

This week, headspace issued a warning following growing concerns raised by schools, parents and young people across Australia about some content featured in US Netflix series 13 Reasons Why.

Since its debut both the national headspace School Support Program, which supports school communities in the aftermath of a suicide, and eheadspace, the national online and over-the-phone counselling service has received a growing numbers of calls and emails directly related to the program.

Please find attached a copy of the national media release which was distributed yesterday detailing further information. There is also a Letter to the Editor from Kristen Douglas – headspace School Support Manager, which has been sent to local newspaper outlets nationwide.

Since this media release was sent multiple media outlets have reported on these concerns and headspace Taringa has also been contacted by a local school advising they were unaware of the series and wanted some more information. Based on this we decided to provide information to all our local schools which might help you manage any local concerns/issues raised by the series.

In addition to the media releases, the following are a couple of more detailed articles outlining why the series is of concern;
·         We Asked Headspace Why ’13 Reasons Why’ Is So Harmful For Young Australians
·         I have noticed wide ranging social media commentary about the headspace article, some of which includes comments whether this is an issue at all. This LinkedIn post written by the Director of MindFrame (an organisation noted in the attached media releases) gives some clear reasons, backed by research, as to why some of the shows content is of concern Six Reasons Why I’m concerned about a TV series

More information can also be downloaded on the below links.

headspace – 13 Reasons Why ’13 Reasons Why’ Is So Harmful for Young Australians

Letter to the Editor headspace 13 Reasons Why