Virtual Reality Filming and Theatre Project
Congratulations Indiah Morris

Queensland Academies Creative Industries would like to congratulate Indiah Morris, Year 10 on her successful audition and participation in the development and filming of the UK-based theatre company, Curious Directive’s play, Frogman.

In June this year, Backbone Youth Arts hosted the UK-based theatre company Curious Directive, providing an opportunity for young people to secure acting roles for their play. Four participants were selected from the original audition workshops.

Frogman is a play about growing up in the mid-90s in a small town along the Queensland coast. This story is told through the eyes of young people; Meera, Lily and Shaun. With approximately 5-8 scenes filmed here in Australia, with the added dimension of the scenes being developed by the successful student participants. The final performance / scene will be experienced and filmed through Virtual Reality goggles. The play will open at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh in August 2017 before coming to Australia next year.

Indiah provides us with her reflection of her experience to date.

Morris, IndiahRecently, I have had the pleasure of working with the UK based theatre company Curious Directive on a new project unlike anything done before. Curious Directive have been working with the Brisbane artistic company, Backbone Youth Arts to cast 4 young Australian kids to be a part of this project. A few weeks ago, I attended an audition with about 30 other kids expecting nothing other than experience. However, I am very happy to say that after a call back, I received a role.

Over the next few weeks, 3 young actors and I will be devising, rehearsing and filming our parts in this project. This project is particularly exciting as all the filming will be done with a 360-degree camera. The final product will be performed in the UK and the audience will, when instructed, put on a Virtual Reality Headset and see the scenes we have filmed here in Australia.  I have already begun working on the show and I have fallen completely in love with the story and my cast mates. Only a week into rehearsals and already we have our fair share of rituals and inside jokes.

I am so grateful for this opportunity; this is my first time working in something this big and I feel incredibly blessed. This experience has already taught me so much about working in the industry and I am so excited for what is to come.

Indiah Morris, Year 10 Theatre Student