Unleashing Your Creativity ‘Relax’ Style!
QACI Creative Writing Club

Hammond, Samantha…article written by Samantha Hammond, Year 12

I interrupt this regular stream of Year 12 news and opinion to bring you a Shameless Plug for the newly started QACI Creative Writing Club (which happens to be run by Ms Jeffreys, two other students, and myself—not that that influences my perception of its value and brilliance).

All we Year 12s know that this has been one heck of a term. It seems that our teachers decided it was a good idea to make Literally Every Single Piece of summative internal assessment due in the span of ten weeks. The good news is, I (and, I believe, most of us) have now finished the summative assignments for nearly all of our subjects, and we’re free to devote full focus to our mock exams next term. The bad news is, I (and, I believe, most of us) am Very Tired.

This is where the Creative Writing Club comes in. After our first meeting on Tuesday, my friend said to me: “It was nice to do something for me—something relaxing that I wasn’t pressured to do.” And I think, after this term of adjusting to the #Year12lifestyle, that this is exactly what all of us need. The Creative Writing Club gives you the gift of playing with language and story for its own sake—removed from the pressures of the English classroom, you are free to focus on your own creativity through focussed writing sessions and workshops.

But it’s not just the Creative Writing Club. I, your unofficially appointed Year 12 life coach*, heretofore command you to go do something FUN, be that Creative Writing Club, Photography Club, Cello Club, or any other sort of club. That’s the beauty of CAS, after all—you can go chill out with your friends and do something you enjoy, and call it productivity!

We wouldn’t want to let Mr Morgan or Mr Christensen down, would we?

*I’m pretty sure I am the worst person in the world to hold that position.