Tomorrow’s ensemble presents
A Boy and A Monster

Queensland Academies Creative Industries would like to congratulate Jack Hutchison, Bridget Webb, Matilda Knight, Joshua Brandon, Stirling Bland, Luca Cadioli and Sarah Liew for their collaboration on their Festival for Australian Student Theatre works A Boy and A Monster.  The play devised by Jack and Bridget with team collaboration by Matilda, Joshua and Stirling, and Luca on Sound Design and Sarah on Cover art, these students have highlighted the fact that effort and teamwork is the pathway to success.  The Festival for Australian Student Theatre (FAST) has been in operation since the 1960s and is a well known theatre festival and offers emerging artists the opportunity to showcase their talent, both on stage and behind the scenes.

The performance takes place at the La Boîte Roundhouse Theatre, QUT Creative Industries on Friday the 17th of November and Saturday the 18th of November. 

Bridget Webb, Year 11 Theatre Student says “This is such a wonderful opportunity to be involved in the festival as it showcases how much QACI and in particular the theatre teachers here have fostered and encouraged us to create our own work, not just in the school environment but in the broader arts scene. I think that this is something that is so unique about QACI, as we are told to own our artistry at our age. It is empowering to know that people at any age should feel like they can be creating and doing things that will make a change in the world“.

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