The Future is in Good Hands

Earlier this month (March 2017), Olivia Sinclair and Miranda Garvey went to listen to a panel of young accomplished scientists during the World Science Festival Brisbane, 22 – 26 March. A festival where the community is informed by science, inspired by its wonder, convinced of its value, and prepare to engage with its ramifications for the future. Here is Olivia’s reflection on the experience:

The talk was titled ‘The Future is in Good Hands’ and they certainly lived up to the claim. The teenage scientists consisted of Taj Pabari, Tristan Pang, Hannah Herbst and Maxwell Loughan. All with extraordinary accomplishments achieved so far in their early years. From Ted Talks to inventions for the creation of energy to even being a CEO of a business.

With an inundation of dystopian images of the future caused by super bugs, climate change or nuclear war, it was nice to see young people with the smarts, tenacity and passion for solving problems. It often feels as though our actions do nothing to stop the tidal wave of problems. But if that panel was anything to go by there are no limits to what can be achieved with passion and hard work.”