Take a Chance, music release by Jack Nolan and Melissa Clark…

Inspired by the vibrant sounds of nature and the good vibes created when spending time with friends, QACI Music students Jack Nolan and Melissa Clarke recently collaborated on what we hope to be a number 1 hit producing their song ‘Take a Chance’.

Jack and Melissa first starting working on the track last year in September 2017, completing the song in November. Work then commenced with 2016 QACI Alumni Thomas Adamson on the music video during the Christmas break. All three students headed to Fingle Head, on the NSW / QLD border to film the music video, with a view to capture the musical atmosphere of the track and mirror it with the on screen imagery.

When originally writing the music, Jack says, “I began with writing the instrumental track, creating a atmosphere that would take the listener to a bright, tropical place. Melissa then produced vocals for the track and we worked together to finalise what is now the end result.”

Before the digital era we live in today artists had to rely on labels to distribute their music. Luckily with the help of ‘Tune Core’ Jack has been able to independently release the track to the various online stores opening up opportunities for both Melissa and Jack as independent artists.

Jack is currently  collaborating with fellow Year 12 student Bria Harper with a chop to release another music video in the next couple of month.  Here is a a preview of ‘Take a Chance’.