Suzuki Method Theatre Training

…article written by Billi Luck, Year 10

Earlier this term, Year 10 theatre students were introduced Theatre at QACI with an intensive weekend of theatre studies in the Suzuki Method, which took place on the 3rd and 4th of February.

The Suzuki Method of Actor Training developed by theatre director Tadashi Suzuki, is a rigorous and highly physical method of acting training. This intensive course serves to strengthen an actor’s physical and vocal sensibilities, developing a highly articulate body capable of expressing and communicating with power and precision.” This is a description of Suzuki training from the NIDA website.

On Saturday Year 10 Theatre students were first introduced to this method of theatre training; new to us. We started off by finding our neutral centre position – which in the words of Louis Mitchell, Year 10 “It seemed easy at first glance, but then once we had to do it we realised we had to engage all of our muscles.

Througout the weekend,  we did various activities including stop and shakuhachi, statues, bases, tentekaten, marches, walks and stories. These activities challenged our centre or our houran and it definitely challenged our minds as we had to do some very physical tasking activities.

One thing that resonated with me was Irimi, which means choose death. We had to take the hard way even if it was hard and our entire bodies were hurting. We had to go into the unknown, fully focused and fully willing to give everything.

To conclude in the words of Sarah Tait, Year 10 ‘Suzuki made me realise all the different ways to control my body and still have energy in complete stillness.