Student Investiture Assembly

QACI Student Directors 2016

Student Directors 2016

The 2016 Investiture Ceremony was a celebration of the students and alumni of Queensland Academies for Creative Industries. Leadership roles, student initiative and academic achievements of past alumni were all commemorated on this annual school event.

Parents and friends were duly invited on the 1st of March to celebrate and welcome our new Student Directors, House Managers and Year 10 Representatives. Honorable mentions also include the Apple Angels team and the entire Year 12 cohort for their hard work and resilience.

The event began with a beautiful rendition of, “Over the Rainbow” performed by the QACI choir as the audience settled in to begin the commemoration.

Student achievements from all years were acknowledged, including the newly integrated house representatives of Year 10, the diligent house managers of Year 11 and a prideful applause for 2016’s graduating class.


Apple Angels 2016

Past alumni were also represented, Phebe Rowland and Zed Hopkins each giving speeches that were both inspirational and comedic, encouraging students to strive towards their goals whilst retaining a positive and creative perspective. Principal Gavin Bryce also had some uplifting words for the students within his address, highlighting the QACI culture and it’s vital significance.

The Student Investiture ceremony is another example of QACI’s philosophy, building a culture of teamwork and inspiration rather than competition – celebrating the achievements of our fellow students and spurring each other to accomplish the best we can within our flock.

Article written by Year 11 Student, Gina Song. Photo Credit Year 11 Student Lara Schuch.

QACI Success Group Representatives 2016

QACI Success Group Representatives 2016

QACI House Managers 2016

QACI House Managers 2016