Second Skin – QACI Alumni Visual Art Exhibition

Second Skin Poster_ResizedWhy not come down to QACI and take a look in on Level 2 of our Public Gallery 61 between 9am and 3pm Monday – Friday, 18 – 31 July and see our QACI Alumni Visual Art Exhibition ‘Second Skin’.

Hosted on Level 1 Public Gallery Space you will also find IB Film educator; filmmaker; artist; musician; Foundation QACI educator; John Carozza’s artworks ‘i sea monsters’ on display.

About the Artists:

What is an experience? Something that breaks a polite routine and for a brief period allows us to witness things with the heightened sensitivity afforded to us by novelty, danger, or beauty – and it’s on this basis of shared experiences that intimacy is given an opportunity to grow.  – Alain de Botton

O’Reilly creates immersive video installations utilising macro photography, to observe the bodily subject with a closeness and clarity that cannot be established without the intervention of the camera. Her large-scale projection installations emanate throughout space, engulfing the viewer in a sensory and intimate experience. These abstract and fragmented observations create momentary engagements with the fluctuating fleshly form. They are translated into the tactile and haptic mediums of small-scale sculpture, artist books, prints and low relief paintings.

Naomi O’Reilly is an alumnus of the Queensland Academies – Creative Industries Campus. During her time at the Academies she studied Visual Arts and Film. Naomi was a Student Director and House Manager and received the Subject Awards for Visual Arts and Academic Achievement Awards. She graduated in 2011 with an IB score of 33.

After leaving the Academies, Naomi was offered her first preference, to study a Bachelor of Fine Art at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. She majored in Sculpture with a dual specialisation in Photography and Art Theory. Naomi graduated in 2014 and was awarded the University Medal for Fine Art, as well as the Godfrey Rivers Medal for Studio Practice. Naomi went on to complete her Honours in 2015. Her research project – The Clarity of Closeness: Developing intimate connections between subject and audience – was awarded Class I Honours.

Naomi is now a curator, writer and interdisciplinary artist. She is an active member of the Brisbane arts community, exhibiting regularly – and curating, writing and designing exhibitions, catalogues, essays and reviews for various galleries and institutions. In the past she has worked for the Ryan Renshaw Gallery and tutored Photography at the Queensland College of Art. Naomi is currently the Co-Director of The Laundry Artspace, East Brisbane, an Editor for The Laundry Press, Publications Designer at Griffith Centre for Creative Arts Research (GCCAR) and Music Teacher Aide at QACI.

2013 QACI Alumni Neneh Browne, Brisbane Based Fashion creative is currently in her third year studying BA Fine Arts Fashion at Queensland University of Technology. Recently Neneh was able to take advantage of a 6 month exchange in Berlin with QUT and HTW Fashion Berlin, “THE” Textile and Fashion Institute of Berlin.