Rain, Cold, Martial Arts, Horror and the Surreal
Film Camp 2017 Style

IMG_0084-1Year 11 Film Camp, a tradition now for QACI Film students is an opportunity for students to have an extensive and intensive 3 days of Film immersion.

Held at Bornhoffen PCYC, students have a group experience about this art form in the rainforest surrounds of Numimbah Valley.

This year along with Film teachers, Melanie Osborne and John Carozza, Teacher Aide Michelle Watt was a welcome part of the team.

40 year 11 students, rugged up in wet weather gear, headed to the mountain on Wednesday May 10th, ready for some serious film discussion and activities.

IMG_0027The wet and cold weather didn’t deter the enthusiasm as there was enough clear sky and rain pauses to get some amazing short films made.

Students got to create experimental films using a group of phones and with the single prop of a giant bubble wand, a short film created over the three days where a signature item of a ‘pez’ packet had to be included somewhere in the film (without eating it!).

There were some truly memorable moments in these short films, conceived, filmed and edited and presented within 48 hours. The screening of the Thai Martial Arts Film ‘Ong Bak ‘, appeared to have a big influence on our film makers with martial arts sequences finding their way into many of the films in one way or another.

IMG_0176 2Students experienced and analysed films as diverse as ‘The Shining’, ‘Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind’ and ‘Moon’. The camp time frame allowing films to be watched in their entirety in one sitting, (with hot chocolate) followed by discussion.

As well as workshops in Special FX make up, Lighting and using the DSLR cameras, the classes had a night-time walk to the natural arch to see the glow worms… sadly the cave path was being repaired although many of the glowing insects were scatter amongst the pathway for us to see. We also made the short walk to the NSW border where alliances were shown being photographed under the border line signs.

This camp has been driven by Ms Osborne who should be thanked for all of her time in setting this up for the year 11s. It has been a great opportunity for the classes to work together and in a fun, smart play environment.

Kevin Ding, Year 11 Film and Student Media Team Member provides his reflection of camp..

From 10-12th May, our year 11 film students embarked on a voyage to Bornhoffen PCYC for 2017’s film camp. This is QACI’s 6th annual film camp, designed for students to bond, discuss film theory and learn important production skills for 3 full days.

IMG_0480Students participated in intensive workshops conducted by Ms Melanie Osborne, which included topics such as lighting set-ups, sound recording and editing, DSLR shooting techniques and SFX make-up. Students also had the opportunity to watch, discuss and analyse a selection of unique films that they wouldn’t normally be exposed to; from a Thai martial arts flick, a Hong Kong supernatural drama, to an American existential sci-fi rom-com!

On top of that, there was also sufficient time for students to produce a short film within 48 hours using a specific prop; in this instance, a packet of Pez. This exercise resulted in works of varying genres and styles. The camp enabled film students to cover content that is difficult to deliver in the classroom due to time and space constraints.

Other fun parts during the camp were the ‘My Favourite Movie’ Dress Competition and the early morning walk to the beautiful valley at the Queensland-New South Wales border. Thanks to the hard work of our film teachers, enthusiastic participation of the students and the camp site for providing comfortable bunks and tasty food everyday, 2017’s film camp will be one to remember.