QACI Dancers Debut to their Community with Vigour and Inspiration

QACI’s Dance program is unique in that it is delivered through the rigorous and creative International Baccalaureate Diploma course which allows students to develop their own choreographic skills and stylise their individual performances.

The Inaugural Dance Showcase, November 2017, was a triple bill evening comprising three sets / acts of dance choreography; the culmination of a year-long artistic and technical development journey of our dedicated, hardworking dance students.

Within their portfolios, our young artists were challenged by a diverse range of choreographers and during the year worked with these experts to advance their technical and expressive skills in the various genres.  Our students worked alongside Owain Kennair (Raw Dance Company), Vanessa Friscia (VHUB), Yenenesh Nigusse (African Dance – Independent Artist), Kameron Davis (Empire Swing) and Melissa Lanham (LJ Projects).

The Year 10 and 11 Dance students explored dance composition in a range of contexts and used their knowledge and technical skills to choreograph each dance piece themselves. This was a big deal for our students, as raw and intense feelings emerged in their compositions during their debut performances to their peers and community.

With 12 dancers in the first year of the QACI Dance program, and the full support of QACI community, our students should be proud of their achievements and growth and development as Dancers. The evening was invigorating and energetic, with a touch of calm and inspiration! We look forward to watching the future individual and ensemble development as our foundation students lead the way for new creatives to study IB Dance.

[image credit: Hunter Jensen, Acacia Calder, Year 10]