Positive Mindset Creative Arts Festival

…article written by Lily Banks, Year 11

QACI is not afraid of a challenge; which is why we challenge mental health stigmas here.

In the last week, the music department boarded trains and got ourselves to the Positive Mindset Creative Arts Festival, an amalgamation of visual arts and performing arts for a singular purpose; to promote positive mental health awareness.

In true QACI style, we composed our own theme song to open the festival, but regardless of triton substitution or mode mixing, the intent was clear: we wanted to display our support via these methods, rather than for intellectual kudos (which, in the end, is at least one meaning of art).

Another integral, key feature of the festival is its performers: all school-age children. Everyone, despite their age, were expressing (either together or soloing) their thoughts on various elements of mental health and awareness. Choirs of primary school children sung, quite confidently, in front of the crowds; not only spreading a positive message, but educating them too.

While schools were back-flipping to stop bullying, singing about schizophrenia, QACI were ushering and helping backstage (not to brag, of course) – spreading the inherent kindness and community spirit we have, a desire to help others express however they need (which is what the beautiful and ever-patient teachers of QACI role model for us).

Overall, the Festival was a brilliant opportunity to spread the importance of artistic expression in the field of mental health, something QACI’s naturally good at; but to connect with the other schools avidly participating and engaging in positive mental health awareness.