Positive Mindset Creative Arts Festival

As part of the QACI Music Department’s Connecting CAS to the Curriculum initiative and as a partner in the 2017 Positive Mindset Creative Arts Festival 2017, Year 11 music students have been busy working together to create, connect and chat;  collaborating on joint creative projects, fostering creativity and keeping the lines of communication open in the bid to raise awareness and maintain a positive mindset when dealing with or confronted with issues surrounding mental illness, whether personal or shared.

In its simplest terms, this year’s festival theme create, connect and chat; being creative helps you keep a positive mindset is about being creative, about communicating and about just having a chat with other people. Through the use of creative arts the Festival has provided students from South East Queensland the opportunity to participate in five creative categories: Dance, Drama, Media, Music, and Visual Arts. The grand final event taking place on Wednesday 11 October at the Logan Entertainment Centre.

Lily Banks, Year 11 Music Student provides her reflection about the festival.

The annual Positive Mindset Creative Arts Festival celebrates the intricacies and complexities in the human psyche, allowing youth to creatively express their understandings and experiences with mental illness, whether personal or shared. QACI, being organically liberal in nature, accepts and creates supportive spaces for sufferers of mental illness. – which fits directly into the ethos of the Festival.
Like human nature, mental health varies wildly between every person. This is an incredibly important school of thought when reflecting upon ones’ life: studying, relationships, and existing quite generally! Given the incredible differences in human nature, mental health means and appears wildly differently in each person, regardless of condition and diagnosis.
Mental health or illness are umbrella terms, and a major misunderstanding of either are the deeply troubling stereotypes surrounding each one. Many people know the terms for mental illness; depression, anxiety, eating disorders, schizophrenia or psychosis, ADHD or ADD, bipolar, PTSD and OCD. While one may assume someone with an eating disorder is a rail-thin girl, it may not necessarily be so: approximately 35% of males have reported disordered eating in Australia. Even still, certain groups in societies are more likely sufferers of mental illness: refugees, LGBTQI+ and domestic violence victims or perpetrators. Every struggle is different, just as every recovery is different. Being open-minded and accepting, even if you do not directly experience the illness, is necessary in building a more considerate and educated society.

Here, at QACI, we pride ourselves in the consensus of positive recognition, and aim to infiltrate our extra-curricular relationships in such a vein.
Having a positive mindset is difficult, and is not a benign activity – it must be continuous and worked on constantly. Maintaining a positive mindset is different for everyone, and keeping yours can help others in creating their own – but not to the expense of yours!

Mental health is an imperative feature in a healthy, sustainable existence, both for yourself, and others.

More information about the festival and a sneak peak at our involvement in last year’s festival can be viewed here.