Gianna Gillies

Class of 2012QACI Alumni Gillies, Gianna

Gianna Gillies (a.k.a Gianna Gi)

IB Score


Creative Arts

Theatre and Visual Art

Academic Achievements

Year 12 Academic Excellence Award

What is Gianna doing now

At just 19 (2015) and despite her young age, Gianna has made a name for herself within the Australian dance community, performing and teaching for Brisbane’s leading dance companies and artists. Following her love for dance Gianna made the decision to go to Paris for three months in 2013, where she trained and developed her unique style.

When she returned in 2014 she become the first Australian to compete in the world finals of renowned street dance competition Juste Debout at Bercy Stadium Paris, competing in the Experimental Section.

Subsequently, she has based herself in the UK working both nationally and throughout Europe. She has been featured in all kinds of work ranging from music videos to live theatre shows, even performing in ten-meter tall structures at national festivals.

Gianna’s latest project is JILTD; a creative collective that connects and creates a platform for unique artists from across the world.

Gianna has a keen interest in interdisciplinary art and is passionate about work that is creative, innovative and original – she will strive for this, always, in her dance and artistic projects.

Gianna is a key performer in the upcoming European Games as a dancer in the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

For more information on Gianna Gillies visit her site here.

Some videos of her artistic projects can be viewed on the following YouTube videos.  To see more visit Gianna Gi’s website.

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