Anna Karstensen-Krstich

Class of 2013

Anna Karstensen-Krstich graduated from QACI in 2013 after achieving her IB Diploma and developing a signature creative identity in Music and Visual Arts. Here’s Anna’s story:

I graduated QACI in the year 2013, I began my tertiary studies straight away,  I finished half a degree of biomedical science at QUT in 2015. At this point however I decided I need a change and felt as if something was missing. I decided to take full advantage of the IB education I had attained. So I moved to Sweden, started earning money working as a Nanny, I travelled to America, Israel and all over Europe. I then began doing Swedish high school courses, which has taken several months; I have now finished language courses and am recognised as fluent in the Swedish system. I began to apply at several universities as after this gap year I knew what I wanted to do. Fast forward and I got accepted into Stockholm University, I’m currently studying Political Science and will graduate with a dual degree in Business Administration and Political Science and I hope to find a job working in an Embassy or in international relations.

I chose QACI because I always knew I wanted to move overseas and the IB was many leaps towards that, without it I wouldn’t have been able to be accepted into one of the best universities in Sweden. Doing the IB gives you a great advantage as you are graded on an international scale and universities in Europe recognise this diploma greatly! My advice to someone considering QACI is go for it, the opportunities you are given at QACI allow you to think outside the box, do something bigger and become educated anywhere in the world. I have gained a lot of skills in high school which made my transition into University much easier. The environment I have been exposed at school allowed me to be open minded and interested in learning new cultures, and this is still being explored even to this day.

This picture was taken during my travels in Israel.

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