Alexander Cohen

Class of 2008

Cohen, Alex 2008Alexander graduated from QACI in 2008 and is therefore a member of the esteemed Foundation Alumni. Whilst at QACI Alexander developed his signature creative identity in Film and Theatre.

Since graduation Alex has been engaged in a range of pursuits – each sharing a common theme – opportunity! QACI received an email from Alexander some months ago – around about the time his latest venture was getting traction in the world of virtual reality. We’ve reproduced the information he shared as it appeared in the email. This snapshot of how the post-QACI years have panned out for Alexander and we think pretty much sums up his outlook on life: make the most of opportunities and don’t sweat the small stuff!

Circa 2009

  • Worked on film sets in Brisbane/Gold Coast – most notable: Bait 3D
  • Produced small amateur film productions
  • Moved Sydney on my gap year to just challenge myself. I wanted to get out and explore what the world had to offer, I had a brother living in Sydney so I decided that was as good a place as ever. Once I arrived there I started working at the Sydney opera house.
  • Moved back to Brisbane
  • Worked at QACI as theatre teacher aide

Circa 2010

  • Started university at University of Queensland, to complete a Bachelor of Business Management
  • Began learning coding
  • Worked in night clubs as lighting and sound technician
  • Continued producing amateur films

Circa 2011

  • Started a food manufacturing company called Pure Power Foods
  • Worked at the Treasury Casino and Hotel (while studying at UQ)

Circa 2012

  • Continued building Pure Power Foods
  • Worked at QANTAS as domestic cabin crew (full-time hours while at UQ part-time)

Circa 2013

  • Worked at Qantas
  • Did a whole bunch of random things – it’s something I encourage everyone to do. I have found many of the random things I did have helped me in my current professional life … PhotoShopping… woodworking, coding, generally working on farms, boats, planes … They all add up to give you a very well rounded skill-set which is critical in this day and age.

Circa 2014

  • Worked in sales at a business intelligence company specialising in procurement
  • Worked at Marriott Hotels
  • Moved to London, began networking in the Tech Sector
  • Started working on an app idea “Thriftswap – Think Tinder meets Ebay for used clothing”

Circa 2015

Circa 2016

  • Gearing up to raise £500k investment to take my start up global. (hopefully one in Brisbane soon)


Here’s an article about Alexander’s journey with Sandbox HQ (formerly Virtually Reality):

Alexander joined us this week during a whirlwind visit to Brisbane. He spoke to our students and staff to share some of the ‘detail’ behind his diverse experiences departing with a generous gift of positivity, entrepreneurialism and creative thinking.

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