Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

BYOD refers to bringing your own current laptop or any laptop sourced from a retailer or supplier which meets our minimum specifications. This model allows students to bring to QACI a laptop that best suits their learning needs in our creative learning environment.

Parents purchase the laptop and are advised to also check home insurance for accidental damage and theft.

The device must be ready to use on the first day of commencement at QACI with the required software installed. It is also a requirement to purchase a laptop cover and zip case to minimise accidental damage.

Our Help Desk supports students by diagnosing IT issues and consulting with families if further action is required. 

Please see the BYOD booklet for more information or contact the Head of Department eLearning.

Device minimum specifications

​Minimum Specifications
​Operating system*
​MacOS Mojave 10.14
Windows 10
​Screen Size
​13 inch recommeded
​Intel core i5 8th generation
​Hard drive
​256GB or higher
​Dual-band wireless capailities
(2.4 and 5GHz)**
​Keyboard, USB Ports (or adapters), Headphone port, Webcam, Inbuilt microphone

*Not supported: iOS(iphone), iPadOS (ipad), Android (Phone or tablet), ChromeOS (chrome book)

**Laptops with only 2.4Ghz wireless connectivity will not connect to the Department of Education Wireless Network

Recommended accessories

​Minimum Specifications
​Clip On Shell
​Black, see-through or opaque
​Zip Cover
​External Hard Drive
​2 TB USB 3.0 minimum
​Apple USB-C to USB-A Adapter
​Requirement for MacBooks wihout USB-A ports.

ICT staff can also advise you regarding the suitability of the specified models for your student’s use.

Please contact the QACI ICT Help Desk on (07) 3552 9333.

Specialist Software

It is advised that students studying Music should strongly consider purchasing an Apple Laptop with MacOS Mojave 10.14 to meet the demands of the software applications used during music class.

Some programs, for example, imaging and video editing software, may require upgraded hardware components to run efficiently.

It is recommended that the following hardware components be upgraded at the time of purchase.

​Specialist Software

Intel Core i5 3.0Ghz 8th Generation minimum; i7 will giver higher performance and should be considered.

​Dedicated (in-built) Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
​16GB or higher
​Some project files can be very large (film, music) - consider purchasing a solid state (SSD) hard drive to use while working on large projects and/or a minimum 500GB external hard drive (a cheaper option than a SSD) and can be used to archive large projects when completed.

Laptop purchasing

Parents have a number of options in considering laptop purchasing.

  • Purchase through The School Locker portal
  • Purchase at any computer retailer in Australia or overseas
  • Bring a laptop currently owned by the family
  • Organise lease of a device through The School Locker
  • Organise lease of a device through any other company
The School Locker
Service Email:
Brisbane Phone: (07) 3848 5887
Livechat via The School Locker Portal

Last reviewed 17 September 2020
Last updated 17 September 2020