Contemporary Teaching

QACI provides a pathway to students who are seeking:

  • A rich and rigorous academic curriculum to extend their learning with teachers who also embrace and support this
  • A community of like-minded peers and a flow of ideas between people with different sorts of expertise
  • An environment where the culture is one specifically designed to foster creativity, innovation and enterprise
  • To develop their creative potential through Visual Arts, Film, Design and Technology, Theatre and Music.

Learning at Queensland Academies Creative Industries will specifically focus on the elements for success in the 21st century.

We call this our NEXUS PARADIGM

The Nexus Framework

The Nexus Framework is a new approach to education focusing on elements for success in the 21st century and based on our vision for the Creative Industries learner.

  • The framework establishes the seven guiding reference frames for teaching and learning at Queensland Academies Creative Industries.
  • The frames should shape and align all core business, pedagogy, approach to professional learning and learning services.
  • The frames are an evaluative tool for reflecting on leadership structures, pedagogy, partnerships, programs and events.






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