Official Launch of the QACI Alumni Association (QAA)

The official launch of the QACI Alumni Association (QAA) took place on Friday 25 August at a reunion event to commemorate QACI’s first decade. An opportunity for alumni to return to where it all began was embraced by almost 100 graduates and staff who came along to support the first of the QAA’s official events for QACI’s alumni community.

Lachlan Snow (2008 Foundation Cohort and QAA President) welcomed guests and outlined the aims of the QAA, notably to provide alumni a ‘place to belong’ in QACI’s lifecycle with opportunities to continue their connection beyond graduation.

Guests shared stories, laughter and memories and collaborated about creative and professional pursuits. Everyone enjoyed the context of being on campus socially with former teachers / students and despite the ephemeral celebration – so soon after it began it had come to an end – our guests showed their support and enthusiasm for future gatherings. Watch this space!

Connecting with QACI’s Year 12-soon-to-be-graduates is a priority for the QAA and it has committed sponsorship of an award at this year’s ASPIRE Awards evening on Thursday 19 October. The Inspired Learner Award seeks to recognise a graduating Year 12 student who has been the most exceptional in exemplifying the values of critical and motivated thinking, is responsive and receptive to challenge and dedicated to achievement; attributes which will ensure success as an emergent QACI alumni.

The QAA will also have a presence at Graduation on Thursday 16 November to officially welcome graduates to the alumni community. In reminiscence of their own experience as Year 12s facing the final stage of their IB journey alumni wrote ‘Warm Fuzzies’ messages of encouragement and affirmation to current Year 12s in the spirit of QACI’s culture to: Accept the Challenge; Embrace the Opportunity; Fly in V Formation:

  • It’s all worth it in the end. Effort = result!
  • There is so much to look forward to – good luck!
  • Keep at it guys! Sometimes the days can be a struggle but as Troy Bolton says: “We’re all in this together.”
  • Don’t worry, you’ll survive!
  • Keep smiling and pushing through Year 12s. You’re on the home stretch now; you’ve done an amazing job so far!
  • You’re doing a really good thing. Stay strong / keep perspective / hug your parents!
  • The years start coming and they don’t stop coming and they don’t stop coming and they don’t stop coming and they don’t stop coming … Get your game on, go play!
  • Keep the most important things first. Never forget the reason why you came here. Enjoy it while it lasts. These are the greatest three years of school you will experience!
  • You can do it! The end isn’t far away. Once you graduate you will still be part of the QACI family.

Alumni wishing to connect with the QAA are encouraged to share their contact details via email to Joanna Evans

[image credit: Stephany Banal, 2015 QACI Alumni]