New Wave Film Showcase
Thursday 16 March, 7pm

Queensland Academies Creative Industries Campus presents the New Wave Film Night Showcase. Based on their Year 11 studies, our current Year 12 film creatives after studying the genre French New Wave have created an array of short films to reflect on their learning.

French New Wave (La Nouvelle Vague) was part of a post WWII film movement in France where a group of young filmmakers started to create films on a very low budget.  Usually shot in live location shoots tracking one character in a single take with often unseen inevitable mistakes. Filmmakers simply cut these mistakes, creating the jump cut tracking shot prominent in films of the French New Wave genre.

French New Wave films contained a lot of existential themes and the main character was usually an anti-hero on the wrong side of society.

Tickets to this film screening are complimentary; however tickets are booked within a limited context of availability.

This film screening will take place Thursday 16 March at 6.30pm for a 7pm start in our QACI Theatre, Level 2, 61 Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove.

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