Micro-Documentary Film Night
A Night to impress

Stand Tall SCR

Stand Tall – MicroDocumentary Films

…article written by Year 11, Chris Patrick

Last Thursday night, our Year eleven film cohort put on their best attire and took down to the QACI theatre for the long-awaited screening of their My Story showcase, the screening of their documentary film projects from last year. During the night, audience members were provided with insight to the weirdest and most wonderful of Brisbane as we watched our budding year elevens’ film projects on the big screen.

Included were the likes of poet-slash-professional-sceptic Ahah Cahala (West End of the World: Apocalypse), The supposed deity in disguise Harper (Harper: The Saviour Literally Nobody Asked For) and Inspirational Legless Inspirational Speaker John ‘JC’ Coutis (Stand Tall). We saw the stimulating, surreal and the really quite strange in our films giving us a chance to share their stories and present a window of insight into a world we rarely get the chance to appreciate. As the night progressed, we heard from many of the creative teams behind the films as they introduced their film and the creative process they undertook. The night was a testament to the heights young artists at QACI can achieve with the opportunity of working with like-minded individuals. The films were a clear project of passion and it has left us eager to see what the Year Elevens can produce next.

Beyond Expectations

Beyond Expectations – Micro-Documentary Films

Thank you to all the students who presented their films and all of the people who agreed to share their story.

Summed up in the following review, the works from our Year 11 Film students characterise their development as skilled storytellers.

“Please pass on my regards and thanks to the student cohort and the teaching staff for last night’s incredible showcase. Gobsmacked at the quality of what “just year 10s” produced. Several of those docos were of festival standard and I am both excited and a little “frightened” at what they will produce once they complete their education!” – Blair Martin

A program of films presented during the evening

Fur – A film by Dion Smith-Phasey, Drew Kirkman and Kevin Ding

Striking a Cord – A film by Shania Manning, Jack Nolan, Jasmine Regan Fieldman and Jessica Marsh