Masks and Moulds
Fake Injuries and Special effects

Students studying Design Technology at QACI are encouraged to become effective design problem solvers. Year 10 Design Technology students this term have been collaborating with theatre students as they work through the wonders and intricacies of theatre stage special effects and makeup.

Taking on the role of Designers’ within a theatrical environment students’ had to undertake research to discover what was involved in the design of special effects and how make up and materials are used to exhibit fake injuries on an actor.

Design work with masks and moulds dramatically change the look of an actor and students were able to experiment with these props to create particular ‘fake’ injuries.  The ‘fake injuries session’ was a fun and invigorating workshop allowing students to explore just how ‘real’ they could make their injury look.

A few students from other subject areas certainly showed cause for concern as Design Technology students were proudly able to display their handy work to their peers.