Lunch with a Scientist

On Thursday 17th of August, a group of Queensland Academies Creative Industries (QACI)  biology students had the privilege of attending “Lunch With a Scientist” at the Translational Research Institute, as part of the National Science Week. Students from many schools met with the common goal of learning more about life as a scientist.

As part of this experience, students were able to meet with many experienced researchers. Not only did we get to learn about their current projects that they were working on, we also received an insight into how they entered into the industry, as well as the challenges they have found in being a scientist and how to manage these.

Students had the opportunity to talk to the scientists in a larger group, in a “speed dating” format, as well as approach them individually during lunch for further questions about their work, and to receive contact details for future advice.

“Lunch With a Scientist” showed us that a career in scientific research is not un-achievable, and that entry into the industry can happen with passion and perseverance. Many student attendees are now considering prospective careers in the industry.

We would like to thank Mr Clifford and Mr Aspinall for organising the trip, as well as the 12 scientists that participated in igniting our passion for science.

…article written by Madeline Prebble, Year 11

[image: Lunch with a Scientist 2016 event]