Living Libraries – a Creative End to a Fabulous Semester

As many recall, on the 23rd of June, the last day of school in Term 2 made for a very memorable afternoon. Not just for the house competitions, or the signposting of the beginning of our glorious holidays, but for being the premiere of Year 10’s Living Libraries, their first performance that was open to the rest of the school.

Within an hour, all of the year 10 theatre students got on the theatre’s stage, posing in front of their computers to be taken out as a ‘book’, where they would guide their audience to a specific place on the second or first floors of the building and deliver their monologues. Year 11 theatre students who volunteered acted as eccentric librarians who called out when books were taken out, which added to the exciting atmosphere of the afternoon.

As a fellow theatre student, I remember the excitement of our Living Libraries, as it was our first exploration into writing, and acting in our own one-person show. The unit is about making a verbatim script, where you have to record an interview with someone about a moment in their life that both changed them and distils their essence as a person, from which someone could tell what the person was like just by listening to the story. You then had to write transcript of the recorded interview, and from that try to workshop a script from a theatricalised version of the story, borrowing many of the words from the original interview.

From the limited performances I was able to see, I am happy to say that our Year 10 QACI is booming with potential and motivation, both important attributes to power through QACI’s Theatre course.

…written by Anna Madrigal, Year 11