Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

Theory of Knowledge in the Diploma Program

Extended Essay and TOK Focused together results in three parts of the overall IB score.    TOK is a course about critical thinking and inquiring into the process of knowing rather than learning about a specific body of knowledge.  It is a CORE element which all  IB Diploma Program students undertake.

TOK is a critical tool to help IB Diploma students become aware about how they evaluate different ways of knowing, which gives them the ability to go out confidently in different learning situations and embrace learning at higher levels due to having that awareness of their own learning capabilities.

  • The course examines how we claim to know
  • It explores knowledge claims and knowledge questions
  • A distinction is emphasised about shared knowledge

Theory of Knowledge is essentially about Metacognition, which is about Thinking about Thinking, Learning about Learning.

There are two parts to the Assessment for TOK:

  • Oral Presentation – in which the student lays out a real-life situation chosen and identifies and explores a knowledge issue that arises from it. (This is internally assessed)
  • Essay – written on a topic chosen by the student from a list of six prescribed titles. (This is externally assessed)

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