Leadership is Yourself
The University of Queensland Create Change Event

Catherine Clark – Netball Queensland

‘Leadership is yourself’. As defined by Catherine Clark head of Netball Queensland. Catherine Clark was one of the speakers that QACI’s Student Directors, along with other student leaders from high schools around Brisbane had the privilege of listening to.

On 13 November QACI’s Student Directors and CAS Director set off for the ‘Create Change’ event run by the University of Queensland. The event began with networking between leaders of high schools around Brisbane including fellow SMT peers. Students shared their journey of becoming leaders and their passion for creating a change in not only their school environment but their community. Clark was generous enough to share her story of her becoming such a powerful female figure in the Australian sports industry. As well as hearing the story of a current UQ student and his experience bettering the community of UQ.

On behalf of all the Student Directors, I can say that we learned the fundamentals in what leadership is and how we gained understanding of the importance of compassion and communication among other people. Leadership, isn’t about our individuality fitting the leadership criteria. It’s about the leadership fitting our individuality.

Overall, I can say it was a privilege attending the event and gaining insight into what it means to make a difference. I’d like to thank the speakers, UQ, QACI staff and all who made the event possible.

…article written by India Johnson