Guess Who’s Back, Back Again
QACI Quirks 2018

Hope that you read the title in the same tune as Eminem’s Without Me ‘cause, FOLKS, we are BACK IN BUSINESS!

For the uninitiated, I’m Anna Madrigal (aka your benevolent Punmaster) and shall be your QACI Quirks writer for the foreseeable future, providing my insights on general events throughout the school year, and generally trying to inspire and add a spring in the step of Year 12’s reading through my unabashed optimism and much needed cheerfulness as we progress through the school year.

As Week 3 is upon us and we’re getting the expected but nonetheless shocking slap into reality for CAS, TOK, a colourful variety of IA’s, and Oh yeah, I have that EE thing due don’t I? Regardless, this time will be important in terms of re-connecting with ourselves as to why we came to QACI as we prepare ourselves for what will be our final year here, and the legacy we’ll be leaving behind us.

I think this is an especially apt time to try and get to know our fresh-faced Year 10’s. Although their numbers can be intimidating, it’s important to remember how we were all wide-eyed year 10’s at one point, both terrified and excited to forge their path and learn an incredible amount about the arts and so much more as they navigate the IB. I’d say that this term is as good a time as any to pass down the school’s own branded QACI Culture. I am a true believer that any location’s culture is wholly made out of the people in it (especially the cynics.) To me, the QACI culture is unfailing trust towards the people in our cohort, feeling at liberty to talk to anyone with the common ground of loving the arts and surviving the IB, being polite, being kind, and cheering each other on through our endeavours.

We must also remember to take care of each other. We are well aware that the IB can be as rewarding as it is rigorous, so it’s important that we give our fellow Year 12 brethren a shoulder to lean on in times of strife, and help keep each other motivated and emotionally stable.

With all of that in mind, I hope that we can begin the year with our best foot forward, leaning on each other for support, and giving ourselves the inspiration we can to thrive.

(Really hoped I could have ended this article on a pun, but no cigar. Next article will be better. I’m giving myself room for improvement.)

Pun Rating: 0/5

…article written by Year 12, Anna Madrigal