Gavin Bryce – Principal Blog – Term 4 Week 6

This term has seen the culminated efforts of our students showcasing their creative specialisation areas of study: Theatre, Film, Music and Visual Arts. It is inspiring to see the finished works with an appreciation of the creative processes that are embedded in the students’ learning and that will influence their future works.

Back in term 2, our Design creatives had their opportunity to shine with the submission of their Design Project, the Internal Assessment component of the IB course. Holding a special place in my heart, as Design Technology is a teaching area of mine, it was a wonderful opportunity to speak with Year 12 Design Technology student Taryn Saarman about her design thinking process.

The Design Thinking process first defines the problem and then implements the solutions, always with the needs of the user demographic at the core of concept development. This process focuses on need-finding, understanding, creating, thinking, and doing. At the core of this process is a bias towards action and creation: by creating and testing something, you can continue to learn and improve upon your initial ideas. The integrated curriculum of the IB Diploma Program provides endless opportunities for students to engage in the design thinking process and develop as lifelong independent learners.

At QACI, we aspire to be Clever, Creative, Global.