Finding the Calm during assessment
Year 10 Student Blog

…article written by Year 10, Acacia Calder

Calder, AcaciaYou know that moment when you’re on a plane, and they begin to explain the safety procedures for if there is an emergency, and everyone half pays attention? When they indicate all the exit routes which everyone promptly forgets, and where the life jackets are kept, which, in theory is great but If an emergency did occur, no one would have the slightest idea where to find them?

That is what exams are, at the beginning of term when the teachers explain the subject matter that will be covered in the exams and when assignments will be due, and everyone just sits there and says to themselves, I won’t need an exit route, I’ll be able to find the life jacket. And then the emergency begins. That moment when you suddenly realise, you haven’t stowed your tray table and your seat is not in the upright position, or in other words, you studied the wrong things and forgot the due date.

These worries are bound to arise every now and then, but the only advice I can give to anyone struggling with study or stressing over exams, is to just buckle down and do it. Figure out anything you don’t have that you need, for example, the subject matter you’re being assessed on or some “healthy” study snacks, (but who are we kidding, carrot sticks only get you so far). And once you have all the things you need, you have just got to wait it out, the flight will be over soon enough.