Financial Stress and Families

Queensland Academies is committed to the well-being of our students, supporting and preparing them for life after school. We have accessed a library of financial life skills resources developed by an education company called The Wealth Academy, with sponsorship into QACI via QUT.

Log in details have been emailed out to the community for parents to access this database of information. If you require the log in and password, please email and we can supply you with these details.

In the meantime, please enjoy a financial concept for thought.

Financial stress and families

Financial stress impacts on families in many ways. Wesley Mission’s 2015 report Making Ends Meet finds that financial stress has links with personal health, substance abuse, gambling, relationship issues, and anxiety.

One way of minimizing future financial stress is through financial life skills education. Families experiencing financial stress should seek support from appropriate community organisations.

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This financial life skills message is provided by our school partners QUT and The Wealth Academy.