Exploring the Human Condition
QACI’s Micro-documentary Night a resounding success!

Written by Wenonah van Damme, Year 11 Film Student

From laundry service to war, from record shops to everyday family business, the Year 11 Micro-documentary night certainly showcased a diverse range of films. On the 1st of March, the Year 11 film cohort had the incredible opportunity to showcase our 2017 micro-documentary projects on the big screen. The documentary task aims to highlight people’s real world experiences, and it is safe to say the challenge was accepted, with all walks of life featured on the big screen.

Exploring the ‘human condition’ is something students are encouraged to embrace, and the micro-documentary task pushed us to explore the emotion, growth and conflict that make us human.

What makes the documentary genre unique, is the nature of the footage. Even the film maker doesn’t know what to expect from their interviews and filming, and usually there is only one chance to film. This was the hardest part of the production process; many film makers are quite perfectionist about their work, however, with the micro documentary project, we had to work with the footage we got, and shape it into a film.

After only a year of film-making experience, our film cohort has clearly gained more confidence and enthusiasm in film-making. Students are using technology, emotion and creative problem solving to create incredibly professional films.

It was a great opportunity to share our projects on the big screen with fellow peers, friends and family, as well as see it in a theatre setting ourselves. We can’t wait to continue exploring the human condition, and sharing our future projects.

QACI NOTE: In case you missed it, we have provided Wenonah’s film in this genre for your viewing pleasure.