Exam Block and Retrospect
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 I  N  C  O  M  I  N  G   M  E  S  S  A  G  EMadrigal, Anna

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…T R A N S M I T T I N G… 

== At the time of this being published, the first week of the Term 2 exam block will be over ==

If you are reading this between one to two days of this being posted, and this applies to you: Congratulations! You’re half way there!

As the year 10’s are coming up to speed to the various ups and downs of exam block, Year 11’s are getting back in the swing of relishing in ‘exam-free’ days, and trying to find the quietest corner of the school in order to study a term’s worth of material half an our before the exam.

In this stop and start environment, I’d say it’s very important to look back. Oh, I’m not talking about the start of the year, I’m talking way, waaaaaay back. Turn on your mental flux capacitors and get in your cerebral DeLorean, cause we’re going back in time.

On a whim I was looking through my old assessment folders from middle school – you know, those huge white folders where you put all of the small assessment tasks you did throughout the year and then showed your parents or were referred to in parent-teacher interviews, is that a thing in every school or just in my old school? Yes? No? Anyway – I was looking through the strife of middle school assessment tasks in plastic sleeves, and it was like looking at prehistoric bugs encased in amber, admiring both their simplicity and rudimentary composition. As I read, I couldn’t help laughing at my record-breaking run-on sentences (that hasn’t changed), my difficulty with math, my complete guess-work with music theory. It kinda makes you wanna go back in time and give your younger-self a bit of helping hand: “That’s very creative but that’s not what they mean by showing a third of m&ms…,” “It’s spelt ‘everywhere’ not ‘every were,’” “Insightful answer, but that wasn’t the question.” It’s at least made me empathise a lot more with my middle school teachers.

This activity that was clearly not motivated by procrastinatory whimsies, made me realise how in a series of seven/six years, it really is impressive, in the macro scale, just how much a human learns in less than a decade. I remember when I was in year 5, senior school – let alone year 11 – seemed like eons away. An inevitability that we accepted would occur but was so far away there was no reason for us to worry about it.

And the really marvellous thing is we are, right now, living in the far away, intangible future our middle school selves seldom thought too much about, and surviving. Pushing ourselves to do well, be creative, (remembering to take care of ourselves.)

Although it might not seem like that big of an achievement to just grow up, we have navigated the twist and turns of the modern education system, sailed perilous seas of assessment-infested waters. We are practically veterans at this gig, and I don’t see why anything should stop us from doing our best.

Study hard, guys!!

(But yeah remember that joke I made earlier about cramming a term’s worth of knowledge half an our before the exam? Don’t do that. Are you crazy? Give yourself an hour and a half at least.)

…article written by Anna Madrigal, Year 11