eLearning – Raising the Bar of Learning with Technology

Last week Heads of Department, Jennie Jahnke and Liam Clifford attended the Apple Distinguished Schools Summit at St. Hilda’s at the Gold Coast.
There are only 400 schools accepted into the program world wide so it was a special privilege to meet up with Australian, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific School educators.
The focus was ‘Raising the bar of learning with technology’, and we started with considering the global trends transforming today’s students and the new Gen Alphas.
New Apple Distinguished Schools then presented their stories with a focus on school leadership which culminated in participants considering five leaderships styles and the most effective for sustainable change.
A number of interesting questions were posed and discussed during workshops including:
  • What is best instructional design to meet students needs
  • How do we design teamwork that is more than simple collaboration?
  • How can we harness technology to provide a voice for all learners?
  • How can students demonstrate their learning and build important communication skills?
  • How can learning be personal for every student?
  • How can we use creativity and imagination to support critical thinking?
  • How can we help students make a difference in the world?

Additionally we learnt about new Apple technologies and were given much to think about regarding the importance of robotics and coding in the curriculum.