East Meets West – Theatrical Pleasures…

PortraitAncient theatre styles from the East…

Classic stories from the West…

Together, what do they form?

The Year 11s this term have been exploring various different Eastern theatrical styles as part of their Research Presentations, and invite you to witness their transcendence from the forms they’ve been studying over the past term.

Join us on a tour throughout the East as you are free to sample from a metaphorical buffet table of Tragic and Comedic Ancient Greek and Shakespearean Classics presented in the theatrical styles from the countries of Japan, China, Thailand, India, and many more!

At 1:00 o’clock, the year 11 performers will walk into their designated areas, with our helpful Tour Guides to guide you on your theatrical journey.

From Khon dancing to Shadow Puppetry, there’s something for everyone.

Students and Teachers welcome!

WHEN: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday lunchtimes 1:00 to 1:25 week 10 (next week)
WHERE: Throughout Level 4

Different performers for each day!