Design Technology Students provide input on Youth Co-design Capital Works Project

This term, QACI Design Technology students were presented with a unique opportunity to be involved in a Youth Co-design workshop with the Department of Health.  Undertaking a capital works project for the establishment of a new bed-based facility at Chermside, opening in 2020, students at QACI were asked to provide feedback on the design concept of the new facility that will cater for adolescents, aged 13–21 years, who have complex mental health conditions and will be require to stay at the facility for up to six months. QACI Design Technology students were priviledged to be able to work with Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital School , Grace Grace MP and Dr Steven Miles MP along with the project managers and architects on the day to help build a deeper understanding of what adolescents want and need in such a facility.

On Tuesday, myself and 7 other design technology were provided with a unique opportunity to represent QACI in a Youth Co-design workshop at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s hospital. This experience allowed us to apply our learning from the classroom to real-life applications as we were able to interact with architects and designers. To top it off the catering was amazing – I highly suggest the gourmet wraps. Overall, it was an excellent opportunity and I wish we had more like it….
Natasha Paliwoda


The Youth Co-Design Workshop was an invaluable experience. The gravity of such a project was embodied by the Minister for Education, Grace Grace, and the Minister for Health, Steven Miles, being at the event. It was a unique experience to work along side architects and deliver our feedback on the design concept, signifying the value of design and the voice of young people…
Elysha McIntyre